Complexity & Go @ KMLF

Complexity and the game of Go facilitated by Stuart French with go support by Faith French held on Wednesday 30th January 2013.


  1. The concept of using games to model and practice business strategies has been around for quite a while but is undergoing a resurgence with the rise of popularity in "gamification".

    The ancient games of Go and Chess have been used as metaphors for the Complex and Complicated domains respectively. Learning the difference is a great way to recognise and explore complex environments for appropriate practice and management.

    The session aimed to help participants:
    1. View complexity theory in a tacit and engaging way
    2. Apply this to how you look at business and managing change
    3. Discover the game of Go as both a metaphor and a brain training exercise for managing success in complex environments
  2. Follow Stuart French
  3. Warming up to have a 'Go'
  4. The intersection of games and complexity
  5. Games helping us observe patterns
  6. Now for some Go
  7. Some useful resources
  8. Hikaru no Go: Season 1 - Episode 1 (Subbed)