Animal Metaphors and Conflict Resolution @ KMLF

Conflict Is Not Always A Bikie Gang!!!! facilitated by Laurel Sutton and Andy DuLaney Shaw on Wednesday October 24, 2012


  1. Quite often we find ourselves in a conflictual situation in the workplace. How did we get there? In this session we will explore some of the assumptions we make about people that lead us to respond to them in different behavioural terms and, how this alters when we become more aware of our own behaviour and who we are dealing with.


    The session uses Arthur Shelley’s Organizational Zoo metaphor to examine our own behaviours in a fun manner and to gain some insights into how we can apply reflective self knowledge to developing more constructive relationships.

  2. Follow Laurel Sutton
  3. Follow Andy DuLaney Shaw
  4. Getting started
  5. Exercise 1: Assumptions influence our decisions
  6. Task: In this exercise you view the images and provided information and place in order of preference the person you would like to go to dinner with. You do this task 3 times, each time a bit more information is revealed.
    Reflect: Did your rating change? Why did it change?
  7. Exercise 2 Exploring individual behaviours based on animal metaphors
  8. Small group discussions: Explore the characteristics of the animal metaphors. Go beyond your assumption of an animal to understand 
  9. Exercise 3: Interpreting the situation