1. What you'll find below is a small selection of quotes, tweets, photos and links from throughout the day -- not an complete accounting.  But stay tuned - over the coming weeks, we'll be posting the full audio recording, the full video recording, video clips, and a complete text transcription.
  2. @mtscozer captures the essence of the day's agenda:
  3. Yochai Benkler opened up the discussion w/ a brief review of how networks -- networks of people on top of the internet -- are transforming our economy, society, and democracy.  If you haven't seen it, he wrote a book on this topic.
  4. This post by USV's Brad Burnham takes this idea, and Joi's notion of the Internet as a belief system a bit further:
  5. Early on in the discussion Yancey Stricker (co-founder of Kickstarter) eloquently captured what we mean when we talk about networks: