Marketing for Hackers Panel at SF Hacker News

“The Next Step for Founders/Engineers: How to Get Traction”


  1. I was invited to participate in a panel sponsored by SF Hacker News called “The Next Step for Founders/Engineers: How to Get Traction” which was aimed at helping founders and engineers determine what comes next after building a product. Many in the crowd self-identified as early stage or seed round entrepreneurs full of energy and ideas.
  2. The panel (left to right below) was moderated by Christina Farr (@chrissyfar), reporter for Venturebeat and alongside me were Ryan Lillis, Strategic Optimization Consultant, Optimizely, Cy Khormaee (@cykho), Founder of (Formerly Founder  at, Evangelist at Microsoft) and Fiona Tang (@yayfiona), Founder of Signal Camp, a consultancy building communities for companies ranging from to Technicolor).
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  4. We had a lively discussion on how to communicate effectively with users, build a following for your products, gain feedback and develop lasting customer relationships.
  5. The conversation turned to press -- questions like "How do you build relationships that are meaningful? How do you make the most of your press coverage?" 
  6. At Livefyre, we used social data to build Social Hubs that would demonstrate the capabilities of our products. The creative execution told a much better story and gained press when it was attached to events like CES or the Super Bowl. Use the unique features of your product to tell a story that nobody else can. 
  7. All in all it was a great event and I had a fun time meeting everyone. Seems like most of the people I spoke with after found one or two things they could start taking action on, which is always good to hear. Thanks again San Francisco Hacker News for inviting me, and Optimizely for sponsoring the great venue!