#FlashbackFriday Week 3 - Ronnie Foster & A Tribe Called Quest

Welcome back once again to the third installment of #FlashbackFridays - where we take a look at some of the funkiest samples from yesteryear and present the historical evolution of the chops.


  1.  After two weeks of being able to find songs from at least three generations, I'd like to continue that trend for as long as possible. This week I bring you one of the funkiest breaks straight out of the Blue Note catalog and some really great reimaginations.
  2. The Sample: Mystic Brew - Ronnie Foster

  3. Ronnie Foster is an Upstate NY guy like myself, hailing from Buffalo and played a lot with George Benson's groups throughout the 70's and 80's. While Ronnie Foster is best known for his funk and soul organ skills, it's actually the bass line that opens this track that has become one of the most iconic loops in all of hip-hop. 
  4. mystic brew Ronnie Foster
  5. His organ solo that plays out the cut is pretty awesome if you ask me. A mix of big splashy chords and screaming solos up and down. 
  6. The Classic: Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest

  7. The sample starts right at the beginning of the song and carries throughout, but Electric Relaxation doesn't just take the bass alone at the start of Mystic Voyage. Instead, they wait until the guitars come in, which they have chopped and slowed down just a little bit.
  8. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
  9. The Refresh: Forbidden Fruit - J. Cole

  10. For his album Born Sinner, J. Cole revisited ATCQ and Mystic Brew with Kendrick Lamar. He takes the bass line at the start just as it is, the same speed and all. When the guitars come in he brings in the minimal drums syncopated to balance the bounce of the bass line. 
  11. Live On Letterman: J. Cole - Forbidden Fruit
  12. This is a live track from Letterman, but you can still hear the sample being replayed by his live band. Check out the original on Spotify.
  13. Bonus Cut: Mystic Brew - Vijay Iyer Trio 

  14. As a special bonus this week, I found a modern jazz version of Mystic Brew by Vijay Iyer. Iyer is from my the same area as me in Upstate NY, born in Albany and grown in Rochester he has such a mean version of Foster's original tune with some awesome harmonies.
  15.  I actually found a few different versions of Mystic Brew, this version from Yesterday's New Quintet is a cool short interlude, but Iyer's really had me going with the straight jazz vibe, it reminds me of a group a listen to a lot, The Bad Plus.
  16. Vijay Iyer Trio - Mystic Brew (Trixation Version)
  17. Bonus Cut: Keep it Moving - Jeremih featuring Marcus French

  18. Ok one more bonus cut...can't forget about Jeremih who dropped his Late Nights with Jeremih and included this smooth cut featuring Marcus French.
  19. Jeremih - Keep it Moving Ft. Marcus Fench (Prod. Tha Audio Unit)