Evolution of Cyber Bullying


  1. By Nia Kennedy

        Alexandria Smith

        Susie comes home from a long day of exams to an email from someone she doesn’t know using profane and vulgar language. In this email she can see that it was also sent to all the popular kids at school. She panics because she knows that she is going to be the laughing stalk of school tomorrow. Does this sound familiar to you? This is a perfect example of cyber bullying. People barely use email in society today but the situation is still there just in different forms.

  2. Cyber Bullying: Email 12 .mov
  3.    Since the 2000s the world has been advancing in technology. It has a lot of positive points but, one negative would be the increase in cyber bullying and the different forms it comes in. Cyber bullying is hard to control or delete.  People can repost, retweet, and/or screen shot on their smart phones and post it to any social networking site. We see constant campaigns to stop bullying but in some ways the same people that are saying they’re against bullying are the same ones not putting a stop to something but reposting what seems to them as a funny video or post. Rocky Hanna and Ricky Ardley, Administrators at Leon High School, told us that the number one reason people get into altercations over post via Facebook that falls under the category of bullying. Some times it may not end up as a physical way but emotional damage maybe involved. Facebook opened a new category for cyber bullying and a lot of law suit have been created.


  4. One type of bullying that is rapidly growing is “tweefing” or “twitter beef”. It seems like nothing when your scrolling past it on your timeline but, you also cant see what this is doing to the person typing it. Anything can trigger twitter beef, and the person’s followers tend to instigate it by retweeting what the person post. It may have had nothing to do with the person but can easily be taken out of context and start a riot. Threat then began to get exchanged and 7 times out of time 10 physical fights start. Even though neither of the participants may not want to act on the twitter beef they will know that if they don’t they will get teased for not standing up for his/her respect amongst their friends and peers. That is why this is a serious case of cyber bullying.
  5. The Internet can be fun and interesting but at same time it can be dangerous. Since Teenagers are the main people that use the Internet they are the most likely  to be subjected to new forms of cyber bullying. Now since there has been many cases social networking sites have created ways so that you can let them know if someone is bullying you. Cyber Bullying is a big issue but if society comes together and helps bring it to it knees then the world could be a different.