Farmer Frank

Story about a farmer living his life one crop at a time

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  1. I'm not a happy farmer!
    "It’s one thing to mess with the prices but it’s another thing to mess with a man’s crops."
    -Farmer Frank
  2. I adore my wife's confidence
    "I am what keeps the world alive, I like to believe that without us farmers, you’d all be nothing."
    - Farmer Francesca

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  3. "Like honestly we’ve had it up to here with the king! Just kill him already!!!"
    Wise words from Farmer Frank

  4. Things are about to get ugly
    I have the words to prove it ... check out my blog
  5. Check out this cool primary source
  6. Well put honey
  7. "Our local farmers who grow the wheat have been raising the price of their crops, and we then need to rise the prices of our bread, or we wont make it through the week."

    Josephin DuPoint - Uneducated Baker

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    They know nothing about us farmers
  8. Finally being able to farm comfortably now that the Reign of Terror is over
  9. My beautiful wife working in the fields
  10. Here is a look at the farmers/bread riots in French #primarysource