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Scenes From Florida's Campaign Trail

The PBS NewsHour's politics team is reporting in Florida, covering the biggest test yet for the remaining Republican presidential candidates. Take a look back at a week in the Sunshine State.


  1. Map of Florida's county types, according to Patchwork Nation.
  2. The day after Newt Gingrich's resounding victory in the South Carolina primary, PBS NewsHour's politics team hit the road to cover the next primary in Florida.

    As many as 2 million Republican voters might cast primary ballots in the Jan. 31 primary -- more votes than Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina combined, the Morning Line reported. Take a look back at how the contest has come together in Florida for the remaining contenders.
  3. Sunday, Jan. 22
  4. Monday, Jan. 23
  5. NBC News/National Journal/Tampa Bay Times hosted a GOP presidential debate Monday evening in Tampa. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney sharpened his attacks on his competitor, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
  6. Republicans who watched the debate reacted differently, including Gabe Higgins, a Ron Paul supporter.

    "They tend to give him the cold shoulder and short him on time and, you know, let Romney and Gingrich have as much time as they want to talk about whatever they want," Higgins told the NewsHour. "It got a little bit better in the end, I'll give NBC some credit for that."
  7. Watch Florida Republicans React to the USF NBC Debate in Tampa
  8. Tuesday, Jan. 24
  9. President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union Tuesday evening. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told Gwen Ifill before the address that it wasn't a political or campaign speech, but all eyes were on the Republican response  in Florida. Quinn Bowman noted that many people did not watch the SOTU.
  10. Wednesday, Jan. 25
  11. Local voters seemed especially interested in Gingrich in Cocoa Beach on Wednesday. In fact, many were turned away after the event reached capacity.
  12. Thursday, Jan. 26
  13. After days of political backbiting from Romney, Gingrich launched a counterattack Thursday, alluding to Romney's contentious investments. Judy Woodruff discussed the dynamic on Thursday's PBS NewsHour.
  14. Romney Rolls Out 'Heavy Ammunition' Against Gingrich