How To Sell HDB Flat

Selling your HDB flat? There are many criterias to meet before you are able to sell your HDB flat in Singapore such as Minumum Occupation Period(MOP) or race eligiblity of buyer etc.


  1. Selling you HDB flat is not a daunting task. There many guides you can find like in HDB to learn how to sell hdb flat. There is a detailed step by step guide on how to sell HDB flat in the open market. Information on eligibility, financial calculations and appointments can all be found here.You may also like to attend a seminar conducted by HDB at a small fee.

    You will also need to know how much you are owing and if you are able to repay your existing mortgage loan if any after selling your HDB flat.

    Next you may also want to give your home a makeover to increase the value and the chances of selling your HDB flat. I am sure no one will want to buy a bug infested home. Simple things like doing a spring cleaning and have everything need and tidy and a fresh coat of paint to brighten up your home can do great wonders.

    Besides knowing the procedure, you will also need to create an awareness to let interested property buyers to know that you are selling.

    The conventional way of listing are in the printed papers like in Straitstimes. However, there are many online real estate portals such as No Agent Residential where you can list your properties for sale or for rent. They have a easy to use form submission which you can do it yourself easily.

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    Why not save some commission and start selling your HDB yourself?