Considering the Harmony of All Facial Features Before Having Rhinoplasty

In newport beach rhinoplasty involves changing the shape of the nose with surgery.


  1. In newport beach rhinoplasty involves changing the shape of the nose with surgery. This is a common plastic surgery procedure, since many individuals are not happy with the size or shape of their nose and feel it makes them look unattractive. The surgeon can accomplish the changes by modifying the cartilage or bone structure, or adding tissue. People often refer to this procedure as a "nose job."

    A variety of options are possible for rhinoplasty surgery in newport beach ca. Surgeons can remove a hump or cartilage bump on a nose, for example. They can lengthen and narrow a wide, flat nose. They can reduce a bulbous nose to one with a smaller, shapelier tip. The operation is intended to help the person feel more confident about his or her appearance.

    In some cases, a person suffered a broken nose a long time ago and knows that it's been a bit crooked ever since. Repairing this damage may not only have cosmetic effects but help the person breathe easier through a nostril that may have been somewhat blocked after the injury. In fact, rhinoplasty may help other people who have trouble breathing through the nose. If a doctor verifies that the procedure has a functional aspect, health insurance may pay for the operation or at least for part of it.

    Plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty in newport beach consult with patients thoroughly before scheduling the operation. They want to make sure clients are happy with their new look after rhinoplasty. That requires discussions about the shape of the entire face and the size of other facial features. A person may want a much smaller nose, for instance, but changing the size too drastically may conflict with a face characterized by large eyes and a wide mouth with full lips. Harmony is important for facial features, and a talented and skilled plastic surgeon understands this.

    For Rhinoplasty Newport Beach, Newport Beach Rhinoplasty is an example of a clinic where people can schedule an initial appointment to discuss the changes they want to make through plastic surgery. They might bring illustrations of the nose shape they would like, or photos of other persons with noses like this. The doctor may create a computerized image of the individual's face that shows how the proposed new nose would fit in with the other features. A great deal of consideration must go into the pre-surgery process so the patient is sure to feel satisfied afterward.