50 Shades of WTF: A Livetweeting Experience (Book 1)

Love it or hate it, the ridiculously popular 50 Shades trilogy has spread like wildfire so it's crucial that we take a closer look at what this story is actually about. Take the plunge with me and look forward to word-counts, memes, alternate universe versions of the story, and actual tips.


  1. A lot of misinformation and damage can be one with quotations taken out of context, especially around relationships, abuse, and kink. When I started seeing 50 Shades of Grey posters on Tumblr adapted with decontextualized lines from the book and claiming the story was about abuse, I knew I needed to finally read the series. I've been paying attention otherwise, but hadn't give myself the time to really dig deep into this trilogy because, well, I had more pressing matters to deal with. Now that the movie's coming out though...it's time. This is my first piece in a series about 50 Shades of Grey (and some other popular media), so look forward to more soon.
  2. As an educator, budding therapist, AND someone that's part of this BDSM/kink "community" (whatever that means) as well as someone who has spent years working directly in the domestic violence and sexual assault fields, it's imperative that I can critically digest and discuss this book. On one hand, I want to challenge misrepresentations of BDSM/kink, but at the same time, I want to fight the glorification of abuse...and I'm not a fan of black and white discussions of either thing (*resists the urge to make any puns about gray areas or nuance*) Take the first plunge with me here.
  3. NOTE 2/11/15: If you, like other folks, are asking yourself "Why so much heat on EL James? Why aren't we crucifying Anne Rice or the Marquis de Sade too? What makes this book special?" Check out the link below, where I start to talk about this with @writingdirty.
  4. Now back to your regularly scheduled tweeting.
  5. Cross-reference Bella Swan—the other clumsiest person on the planet. "Oh no, tee-hee, I'm so awkward."