Death Salon LA: Friday (Order of the Good Death Day)

"Welcome to Death Salon, a gathering of intellectuals, scholars and independent thinkers engaged in the exploration of our shared mortality." This is an archive of tweets and media from the first day's events, including the night's cabaret. For more info, check out!


  1. If you have anything to share (media, more tweets, etc.), please let me know so I can add them in!
  2. Welcome to Death Salon LA // Summary of Morning Session

    We started the day off with coffee, bananas, and muffins (the latter were provided by Ellatini, a cupcake company by Daniella Marcantoni, a licensed embalmer).

    The morning session featured a presentation from Annetta Black, Senior Editor of Atlas Obscura and Nancy Caciola, Medieval History professor at UC San Diego. There was a screening of SOUL, a short film by filmmaker Larin Sullivan that premiered on ABC1 Australia. The film delved into the rituals of dressing the dead with artist and fashion designer Pia Interlandi as she created her first custom “Garment For the Grave.”

  3. Presentation by Annetta Black: "Died Trying"