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Ready Player Two?

What's the future of virtual reality? We held an event as part of London Technology Week to explore how virtual reality will become part of our lives in the coming years.


  1. We had some cool VR gadgets to give people a taste of what they can expect from the future of virtual reality. is a VR startup that makes and sells content in virtual reality, using the latest headsets from Samsung and Zeiss.
  2. Our own Jess Bland is chairing a stellar line up of speakers, including VR narrative writer Rob Morgan, Zillah Watson, BBC Editor of Future Projects, digital artist Luciana Hill, and Dan O'Hara, Senior Lecturer in English at the New College of the Humanities.
  3. Rob Morgan, a narrative content designer who has worked on augmented reality games like Wonderbook, talks about the importance of storytelling to suck people in to VR worlds.
  4. One future prediction that surfaced quickly was the idea that people could be walking down the same street experiencing different realities. Rob Morgan called this future "mixed reality", where virtual layers will confuse ideas about being in the present moment.
  5. BBC Editor of Future Projects Zillah Watson showed an amazing clip of how VR could transport viewers into a news hotspot like Syria to give them first hand experience of what it's like. As ever, the Beeb is leading the way with this kind of immersive viewer tech - it'll be interesting to see what other experiences they can devise (maybe even
  6. a VR iPlayer?)
  7. Dan O'Hara tackled the philosophy and history of VR, citing the eyes on Pharaohs' coffins that let them see after death.
  8. That's a wrap! Loads of interesting ideas, lots to think about and without doubt virtual reality is here to stay. It won't be just for gamers - it'll be for artists, TV audiences and scholars as well as the Halo crowd.