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Digital Medicine: Refilling the Innovator's Prescription

A debate on how digital technologies are changing patient care, with Sherry Coutu and Sarah Haywood


  1. The event was introduced by Jessica Bland, senior researcher in Nesta's Policy and Research team.  
  2. Digital Medicine: Refilling the Innovator's Prescription
  3.  She mentioned the EEG is an example of a medical device that has become a successful consumer electronic. It belongs to a group of wearable technologies already on the market and ready to change healthcare.
  4. We are confident that these devices will lead to change in the healthcare sector. What remains to be seen is how the healthcare sector will responds to this new influx of data.
  5. Our first speaker was Sherry Coutu, a serial entrepreneur who has also made direct angel investments in just under 50 companies. She also serves on the boards of companies, charities and universities. 
  6. She began with the benefits that an increase in personal health data will provide. If this data is used efficiently, it will lead to a far better health system.
  7. She believes that there is room for growth in the Medtech sector. A Medtech company has the opportunity to become the world's first trillion dollar company. 
  8.  The UK is a far better place for these companies to grow than the US thank to the NHS. 
  9. But Sherry warned that the UK is known for initiating great ideas but not being able to built upon them.
  10. Cambridge is becoming a centre for healthcare innovation. A cluster of companies has been established in this city and are showing signs of rapid growth.  
  11. Data on these companies is easily accessible through the Cambridge Cluster Map. The same kind of map was created for  TechCity. She looked at five companies as examples of how these data can be used by investors. The same access to data on MedCity companies could help the new initiative facilitate growth in the South East. Two of the companies she looked at are Cambridge medtech firms now worth over £1bn
  12. Horizon Discovery Limited