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Data, health and me: the future of people-powered healthcare

Through a series of interactive sessions, Nesta invited policymakers, designers, researchers and the data science community to explore the future of personal data collection and its transformative potential.


  1. The workshop began with a series of talks and was followed by a trip to the future, where participants were given wearable prototypes and potential narratives for a world in which health-data collection has become ubiquitous. 
  2. Our first speaker was John Loder, Senior Programme Manager of the Health and Ageing team at Nesta. 
    He talked about the healthcare feedback loop and how data can help make it more effective.  
  3. Clara Gaggero,  ‎Co-founder and Director of design and invention studio Vitamins, addressed the concept of design and its value in encouraging individuals to engage with wearables.
  4. Our third speaker, Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist, challenged the audience with questions around the ownership of personal health data and the development of data market places where these could be exchanged for profit. 
  5. Geoff Huggins, Head of the Scottish Government's Mental Health Division, highlighted the limitations of the existing healthcare system and introduced innovative projects which aim to bypass these limitations.