A day goes a long way along Euclid Creek

What work goes into protecting and appreciating a river like Euclid Creek? Nearly 100 guests found out last month thanks to local partners


  1. Among the rain, amazing partners, and 95 eager to learn participants, we had such a great time exploring Euclid Creek during "A Day in the Life of Euclid Creek" event.

  2. Participants traveled along the river with three stops to explore different indicators of the river’s health as well as learn about restoration and stewardship efforts. By the time the rain ended, Euclid Creek was left with a flush of stormwater and a new team of citizen scientists ready to help it continue to improve.
  3. An unexpected discovery

  4. Participants discovered a greasy substance flowing downstream from Beachwood place into Acacia Reservation. The discovery led to a clean-up and an investigation by our partners at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.
  5. Above, via Friends of Euclid Creek: "Amazing part of the day at ‪#‎DITLEuclidCreek‬...at the Acacia chemistry monitoring this morning, we saw a disturbing sheen on the creek - as we were measuring for turbidity, we realized that the sediment stick was covered with an oily, greasy sheen that smelled like cooking grease. After a quick response from our partners at Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, they found where the illegal dumping had originated from upstream AND Ohio EPA is coordinating a stream cleanup. Unbelievable action - thank you wonderful partners!"
  6. Bugs help us understand Euclid Creek

  7. The first sampling on the east branch of the river showed more diversity of macroinvertebrates species than prior years on the main branch, including an abundance of mayflies, caddisflies, flatworms, and sowbugs.
  8. Our investigators Nikki and Caroline snapped a #StreamSelfie today. #DITLeuclidcreek @clevemetroparks
    Our investigators Nikki and Caroline snapped a #StreamSelfie today. #DITLeuclidcreek @clevemetroparks
  9. Fish and stream health

  10. Fish sampling in the Euclid Creek Reservation marina by the river's mouth was reflective of good water quality with native pollution tolerant and intolerant species present. Although we did not sample upstream this day, Aquatic Biologist Mike Durkalec shared that this sampling is an indication of the species that could recolonize upstream as the river continues to improve.
  11. Back to life

  12. Restoration at Acacia and Euclid Creek Reservation and clean water infrastructure at Greenwood Farm were success stories that show projects can help bring life back to affected areas of our water environment.