#SLUvLU Twitter Scavenger Hunt - The odds were in our favor.

This past weekend my SLU #MPJ2015 class along with our fellow #Virtual300 competitors at Lindenwood University tweeted our hearts away in a digital scavenger hunt. The result was a digital exchange of interesting, fun and funny tweets of both parties that made the learning experience enjoyable.


  1. We engaged in a variety of tweeting activities that gave us the opportunity to learn even more about our university, explore our campus and city, interact with other Billikens and learn from one other. Our storyteller mode and newsworthy radar was constantly on. And so was our #SLUvLU game!
  2. More specifically, we were assigned to report on:
  3. 1. School Spirit
  4. 2. Good Grub
  5. 3. Professor on the street
  6. 4. Student on the street
  7. 5. Scenic spot on campus
  8. 6. Scenic spot off campus
  9. 7. Little-known fact
  10. 8. Fanatic fans

  11. The games and excitement started early Thursday morning with the SLU school spirit coming in strong.
  12. Talking about and, even more so, demonstrating school spirit comes naturally to us, After all, we are VERY proud to be Billikens.
  13. I didn't take us by surprise that the clock tower is one of SLU's students favorite spots. However, few of use knew that the fountains surrounding it are powered by wind sensors. #SLUsustainable
  14. Among other things, we learned many fun, random and interesting facts about our campus.