The future of the Coal Exchange



  1. I asked my Twitter followers and Facebook friends the following question: "What would you do with the Coal Exchange if money were no object?". 

    I was trying to push people to be completely unbounded by the concept of budget. There tended to be three types of response.

    1 - The pragmatic - usually based around a use that we'd seen the Coal Exchange already have at some point in its history.
  2. Move it to somewhere easier to get to with decent amount of parking, then re-open it up as a live music venue.
  3. I like the idea of a water shed but fear it may not have the foot fall and numbers - I think an exhibition space integreated with all the halls and public areas, a 200 seater indie cinema that was min 55% indie overseas no-townie-will-watch type films ...See More
  4. Lush music venue where bands get paid a decent amount of cash to play, people dont realise what it takes to put a gig on, traveling time humping gear setting up packing down
  5. One regular suggestion among these was a hotel.
  6. I'm warming to the idea of a good hotel.
  7. 2 - Slightly more alternative suggestions, ignoring budgetary constraints.
  8. Open The Derek Zoolander School for Children that Can't Read Good. Or more seriously open a centre that could tackle the homelessness problem in the city, affordable accommodation with a training program of some kind...