Covering an Event: Fall Employment Fair

The Fall Employment Fair is a great opportunity for AUC students and alumni to acquire career opportunities. We decided to cover this event to get insight about the corporate world.


  1. Daniella, Nadine and Nehal were covering the Employment Fair event, that was held at AUC's Sports Complex on the 7th of November.
  2. As an introduction to the journey we were about to embark on, we tweeted an introductory tweet to the live coverage of the Employment Fair.
  3. We started out by interviewing one the CAPS members, Malak Saleh.
  4. Mobinil's booth was one of the most creative and eye catching booth's set up at the event. We decided to talk to an employee there to know what type of people they are looking to hire.
  5. Karim Kandil, a Manfacturing Excellence Manager for Unilever factories, had a lot to say about today's experience at the Employment fair.

    PS: follow next week for more on Unilever.
  6. We decided to ask attendee's to reflect on their experience at the Fair, these are the responses we got.

    PS: follow up on the next tweet for more on the attendee's.
  7. We decided to end the Fair where we started. It was such a great opportunity and a great experience over all.