Oculus-chan Designs by the Japanese Rift Community

At the Unite Japan 2014 keynote, following a presentation which showed Unity's mascot character Unity-chan, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey began his talk with an offhand remark saying maybe Oculus needs an Oculus-chan. Less than a week later, we have this.

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  1. Shia Kurohane (@RINFORZANDO_960)'s Oculus-chan, revision 3.
    Shia explains her red/blue odd eyes is a reference to the anaglyphic 3D glasses of yore. She also has the Rift's lenses integrated into several parts of her outfit.
    The white/black/orange/blue color scheme is taken from the oculusvr.com website.
  2. Losing her Rift apparently makes her upset :(
  3. Shia Kurohane's Oculus-chan, revision 2 (revision 1 wasn't uploaded to the web.)
  4. A pair of Oculus-chans, by the artist responsible for G-Tune's mascot characters.
    According to the artist, DK1 (left) is a bit clumsy while DK2 (right) is the more active girl. Each one wears elements of the devices they were based on, like the DK1's control box or the DK2's tracking camera.
  5. Mighty (@Mighty999)'s 1980s retro art style Oculus-chan.
  6.  Hagane (@MDCHONPO)'s Ocu-ko has a cyborg look and a Cyclops eye.
  7. Kyucon (@CUBIC9COM)'s version combines multiple VR gear, including a Virtuix Omni skirt and Razer Hydra hair accessories.
  8. Koichiro Tamura's Oculus-chan has a DK1 as her face and the DK1's carrying case as armor, always looking slightly anxious with >_< eyes.
  9. Majikuzu (@MAJIKUZU_)'s design wears a hoodie which zips up into the Oculus logo.
  10. Front/side/back designs and an extra pic for the Oculus-chan duo shown earlier. DK1-chan seems to be more susceptible to nausea.