Tips for Making First Dental Visit Of Your Child a Success


  1. Although the tiny teeth of babies, toddlers and preschoolers are not the permanent ones, caring for them isn’t less important. Apart from the fact that dental habits developed in small age remain there for the entire life, proper teeth cleaning in this age has its effects when the permanent teeth grow up. And, the first dental visit is also something which you should not ignore. So, there are a few things that you can take into consideration if you want to make the first dental visit of your child a real success.
  2. The first dental visit should be at the age of one

  3. At the age of one, children start having their teeth growing out of their gums. So, the dental care starts with that. You need to think seriously about dental care of these tiny teeth. Hence, it’s the time you should call your dentist and ask for an appointment for the younger fellow. Since baby teeth are porous and those can get decayed pretty easily, you need to take some measures to preserve those pearly whites.
  4. However, if your child has got older and he/she is yet to visit the dentist, it’s never late to ask for the appointment.
  5. Give dental health the priority

  6. Even if you think it’s not the time for your child’s dental visit, you should always make your efforts to develop dental hygiene habits in your child. For instance, bring a child tooth brush and teach your kids regarding how to brush and gargle after the brush. Young children may not be able to understand the language but you can point at the body parts like nose, mouth, teeth and belly button to start teaching them to take care of their bodies. You can bring books with activities being pictured. Dental hygiene training through images is the ideal way of telling your kid about the importance of dental care.
  7. Practice is importance

  8. Although tooth brushing is the daily activity, you can turn into a fun activity for your children by making it a group task. You can ask your children to compete with each other. You can give demonstration about tooth brushing by brushing the toy dentures which are made to teach the kids about dental hygiene. They will be able to follow the techniques you tell them. This way, the dental care habit developed in this age will stay in the child in the future as well.
  9. Your priorities about dental care

  10. Chances of success for your child’s first dental visits majorly depend upon their interest in dental hygiene. This is something which can be developed only when their role models care about dental hygiene. And it’s pretty simple that parents are the first role models of their children. So, if you follow best dental hygiene practices, you will be able to get those habits replicated in your children as well.
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