MLF Artist Katie Kingdon shares her art and her story

  1. Previously at the Megaphone we covered Mobile Loaves and Fishes, an Austin non profit dedicated to the service of Austin's homeless population through various means.
  2. Recently we spoke with Katie Kindgon, an artist and a beneficiary of the Mobile Loaves Art House Enterprise.
  3. According to the Mobile Loaves and Fishes website, " the Art House provides a safe and supportive environment that fosters healing and creative expression for those involved." and is housed in a refurbished RV home.
  4. The art house also "promotes the production, improves the quality and assists with the sales of the artwork resulting in increased confidence and enhanced skills providing dignified income opportunities for the homeless artists."
  5. Here is her showing and describing to us some of her work.
  6. Artist Katie Kingdon Shows us her piece, "The All Hearing ear." @JoyKingdom85 @MLFNOW
  7. Artist Katie Kingdon tells us about her mixed media methods #alliteration @joykingdom85 @mlfnow
  8. Artist Katie Kingdon shows us "Lovin the Music" made from authentic concert memorabilia from Austin, Texas #atx @joykingdom85 @mlfnow
  9. Artist Katie Kingdon tells us why @mlf is vital to her business @joykingdom85
  10. Originals and prints of her Kingdons work can be purchased on her etsy page, DIOWear.
  11. Artist Katie Kingdon tells us about the importance of @mlfnow in her business @joykingdom85
  12. Kingdon went on to share some of her personal experience with homelessness with us.
  13. Artist Katie Kingdon tells us her story @joykingdom85 @mlfnow
  14. Artist Katie Kingdon, "Grow up, everybody!" @joykingdom85 @mlfnow