1. The NYPD swarmed dozens of cop cars on Fifth Avenue outside Union Square earlier this afternoon, in a modified version of an anti-terror exercise.
  2. Part of a huge crowd of protesters outside Madison Square Park.
  3. The WikiLeaks truck, keeping a tongue-in-cheek (or not?) look at the protesters.
  4. Occupy Wall Street protesters taking Koreatown.
  5. "The Left Is Dead. Long Live The Left!"
  6. Part of a crowd of thousands and thousands overtaking Fifth Avenue near Herald Square.
  7. Wary NYPD officers on duty during May Day.
  8. Left-wing marching band enters Madison Square Park.
  9. The Free University at Madison Square Park offered classes taught by sympathetic NYU, Columbia, and CUNY Graduate Center professors on history, economics, organizing, and more.
  10. Uniformed NYPD officers unloading supplies from a decoy taxi van usually used by undercovers.