Twitter chat on #NigerDeltaPeace

Niger Delta, and especially Rivers state, has been in the eye of the storm for a while now due to issues of insecurity. A recent report by PIND's Pecebuilding team analyzing the state of election, violence, and youth in Rivers state prompted the need for a Twitter chat with Nkasi Wodu (@wodunkasi).


  1. Before the twitter chat, a meeting of the Niger Delta Peace and Security Working Group (NDPSWG) was held. The group comprises of various stakeholders who are involved in ensuring peace and conflict resolution in the Niger Delta. This group meets quarterly to update stakeholders on security matters, and is hosted by PIND's P4P Network.
  2. At the conclusion of the NDPSWG meeting, our scheduled Twitter chat kicked off with some housekeeping rules of engagement during the twitter chat to help ensure a free flow of thoughts. Our guest for the chat was Nkasi Wodu (@wodunkasi), the Peace building Team Lead at PIND Foundation.
  3. Prior to the chat, the Partners for Peace (P4P), the peace building program of PIND Foundation published a report detailing the state of insecurity in Rivers state in 2015. The rest of the questions in this twitter chat focused on issues highlighted in the report.