The Texas House Budget Debate -- Night 1

If you were busy crashing a story for deadline (those presses have to run, don't you know?) or fell asleep (and who could blame you) or spent too much time last Friday night playing 'Word's with Friends' — here's everything you missed from about 10pm till debate ended just about 12:30am.


  1. First, Rep. Wayne Christian introduced a bill that would require universities that have 'Gender and Sexuality Centers' — places that provide community space and resource for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students; would have to provide equal funding and space for 'Traditional Family Values' centers.
  2. ... And then Rep. Christian introduced legislation that would require 10 percent of all college courses to be about 'Western Civilization.' Democrats took to the back mic to find out what qualifies as 'Western Civilization,' and it was all downhill from there.