Volunteering and social cohesion in a post Brexit world

On 15 September, the NCVO National Volunteering Forum met in Manchester to share analysis on the potential implications of Brexit for volunteering, and discuss the evidence & real life examples demonstrating the role that volunteering can play in improving social cohesion.


  1. You can find the slides from the day on SlideShare:
  2. Welcome!

  3. Kristen Stephenson, Volunteering Development Manager at NCVO, welcomes everyone to the National Volunteering Forum.
  4. What does Brexit mean for charities and volunteering?

  5. The first speaker of the day, is Karl Wilding, Director of Public Policy and Volunteering at NCVO.
  6. For more analysis on the EU Referendum from policy to practical advice, take a look our briefing on the implications of Brexit and the NCVO blog, including:
  7. Volunteering, inclusion & citizenship