Give it back, George

The Chancellor George Osborne's Budget speech on 21st March 2012 announced a cap on income tax relief for large donations. The Give it back, George Campaign was launched to try and reverse that decision. As of 13 April we have 2709 supporters and counting.


  1. Voluntary sector organisations start a campaign titled "Give It Back George -Drop the Charity Tax"

  2. Voluntary sector umbrella bodies and other voluntary sector organisations launched a campaign against the cap on income tax reliefs that George Osborne announced in the Budget.
  3. Voluntary sector umbrella bodies are not happy with the proposed cap on tax relief for major donors:
  4. The Tax Cap Debate in the press

  5. Initial Budget Reactions
  6. What will it cost the sector?
  7. A clarification notice was issued by HMRC on 3rd April
  8. The campaign and the backlash against the proposed tax has been gathering momentum
  9. Will there be a retreat?