Bigger impact and better value: Demonstrating the impact of volunteering

On 4 May, the NCVO National Volunteering Forum met in London to explore and discuss measuring the impact of volunteering. Here's what happened...


  1. You can find the slides from the day on SlideShare:
  2. Welcome!

  3. The first speaker of the day, Karl Wilding, Director of Public Policy and Volunteering at NCVO tells us why measuring impact is important now.

  4. Georgina Anstey, of Charities Evaluation Services at NCVO takes some time to talk us through 'Planning your impact'.
  5. In lively roundtable exchanges, participants chewed over the content so far...
  6. Nick Ockenden, chairing the roundtable discussions brought the morning session to a close with a reminder to use feedback from volunteers.
  7. After Lunch, Joanna Stewart, Senior Research Officer at NCVO takes the Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit as her starting point and sets out the top tips on how to undertake a volunteering impact assessment.