Full Time Social Action Review and Election 2017

On 11 May, the NCVO National Volunteering Forum met at NCVO in London to discuss the full time social action review and the 2017 Election and what government should do to support volunteering and social action.


  1. You can find slides from the day on SlideShare
  2. Karl Wilding, Director of Public Policy and Volunteering at NCVO, welcomed everyone and opened the forum.
  3. Full Time Social Action Review - How can we increase opportunities for young people to be involved in full time social action?

  4. Government launched the review at the end of 2016. The review will look at how to increase participation in full-time social action by reviewing the opportunities and barriers faced by organisations supporting young people. The advisory panel, Chaired by Steve Holliday, will include experts from the private and voluntary sectors and is expected to make recommendations to the Minister for Civil Society by October 2017.
  5. Our first speaker was Jim Minton, Director of Membership and Communications, London Youth
  6. In his presentation Jim explored how we define social action and how we ensure it is high quality, youth centred and has a meaningful impact on communities. He shared examples from work London Youth had supported.
  7. Our next speaker was James Probert, Director of Impact and Strategy, City Year UK
  8. James described how young people undertake full time volunteering in schools as part of the City Year programme. He also discussed some of the challenges faced by young people and how this may be overcome with a new legal status for full-time volunteers.
  9. James covered the history of City Year which started in the United States under the Clinton administration. It still exists in the U.S today. Find out more from the City Year timeline!
  10. Oonagh Aitken Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters has since written a blog exploring European examples and what we can learn. Read more.