Global Projects 01/11/14

Barb Gilman

  1. Good Morning! My tweets for the next hour will be devoted to #catholicedchat
  2. Really looking forward to today's topic! I'm moderating, @ncara is the greeter. #catholicedchat
  3. Have a great convo today #catholicedchat. Taking child to eye appointment so will browse archives. Finally digging out from storm in Indy,
  4. @KayBisaillon Hi, Kay! What was the book study your diocese did this summer? Was it #TLAP #catholicedchat
  5. @KayBisaillon do you have a book for the next study? Also, what is your diocese's name? #CatholicEdChat
  6. Morning everyone! We had a 'cold' day on Monday. Looked like many of you had that or a Snow Day. #CatholicEdChat
  7. A1: First week back was great. Got a lot of new wireless internet and printers set up. Getting Accelerated Math set up too. #catholicedchat
  8. Not sure if it's my internet or Twubs-but having some issues here-forgive me if I'm behind! #catholicedchat
  9. We are prepping for an all school field trip to Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit during #csw #catholicedchat
  10. A1: hard to give up that extra cup of coffee and Christmas cookies. Back to healthy eating! #CatholicEdChat
  11. We were back on Jan 2 & 3 but lost the 3rd to snow and this past Tuesday to cold. More snow coming on Wednesday! #catholicedchat
  12. How did I finish one week and find myself three weeks behind? #catholicedchat
  13. We LOVE our California chats! Makes us want to visit after our cold weather and snow! #CatholicEdChat
  14. Q2: We have 41 schools signed up for the CSW Mystery Skype project. Do you have any questions?  #CatholicEdChat
  15. @BarbInNebraska Our faith formation class was great this week. It was good to see the kids. And they were happy to be back. #CatholicEdChat
  16. @BarbInNebraska So many cookies! Set up an "up' bracelet yesterday for a friend - tracks movement, sends data to your phone #catholicedchat
  17. Thanks to @iAnnOro for organizing us for the CSW Mystery Skype project! #CatholicEdChat
  18. A2: CSW Mystery has 41 classes in 21schools in 16 states. If you joined, is there anything in my notes that are confusing? #catholicedchat
  19. @BarbInNebraska I'll have to make that switch to tweetchat - twubs not refreshing enough during chat #catholicedchat
  20. @MRozsahegyi12 That's a great age group for the trip. Our h.s don't seem to make as big a deal of CSW as our grammar schools #catholicedchat
  21. @sabuller Weather issues here too and cold! Makes that back to school schedule a challenge :) #catholicedchat
  22. @NCEAKMEARS Do you have students that you would participate with? If not you could certainly match up with a class of mine. #catholicedchat
  23. Good Morning from Louisville, my niece celebrated her 30th birthday, fun time with family #CatholicEdChat
  24. #catholicedchat - sorry I'm late - Alex from NJ - and I have to run to make-up ballet class shortly but wanted to stop in!
  25. @iAnnOro we haven't either thought we'd try a different approach. Hoping to start a new tradition #catholicedchat
  26. I did make a match with @aportafay class, but I'm interested in doing a second call for the CSW Mystery Skype. #CatholicEdChat
  27. #CatholicEdChat good morning! Sorry I'm late! Tim, High School Principal from St. Louis. Excited to learn with each of you!
  28. @iAnnOro most #CSW promo and resource is geared for elementary schools HS needed something different #catholicedchat
  29. catholicedchat good morning. Sorry I'm late. Hope all is well
  30. @tdilg Welcome! So glad you can join! Here is an awesome principal to follow from St. Louis. #CatholicEdChat
  31. @iAnnOro Hi - You should see a number of teachers joining from our area - shared link yesterday #catholicedchat
  32. @BarbInNebraska @aportafay Remove Match Made on your row on the Google Doc so people know you would like another partner. #catholicedchat
  33. #catholicedchat Make-up days should be obsolete. Tech should provide an avenue for getting assignments to students at home. Thoughts?
  34. @MianiD great discussion to be had at least! Just absorb the days lessons or teach from home that day? #catholicedchat
  35. Q3:Do you have pen pals? Opportunity Education provides sister schools for pen pals.  #catholicedchat
  36. @BarbInNebraska Thank you, Barb for your nice comments. I'm glad I could join this morning & hope to learn a lot w/ you! #CatholicEdChat
  37. Might be fun to include international schools in CSW next year! #CatholicEdChat
  38. @ncara I'm looking forward to seeing the teachers. We don't have anyone from PA yet #catholicedchat
  39. Having some trouble with my Surface but determined to learn how to use it #catholicedchat
  40. @KayBisaillon I say both; with Google drive and robust LMSs anything is possible #catholicedchat
  41. @MianiD more than this, I think we should be looking at Skype in attendance for home bound kids who are able. #CatholicEdChat
  42. So far CSW Mystery Skype has teachers from FL, IN, NJ, AR, MI, MO, OH, LA, CA, FL, NE, MD, WA, KY, IA, and IL grades PK-8 #catholicedchat
  43. @MrsLMWoods I believe you will conquer it! I must admit, it was not a fight worth fighting for me. :) #catholicedchat
  44. @BarbInNebraska A3: This is my next project with my teachers. Getting them to partner with schools outside our community. #CatholicEdChat
  45. A3 I use a diff program called #facetofaith has international online communities and videoconferencing for inter rel. dialog #catholicedchat
  46. Theresa from @OpEdFoundation can help you make a match with a school in another country. #CatholicEdChat
  47. @MianiD With accessibility to technology snow days can become virtual learning days. Our staff is learning to use Schoology #CatholicEdChat
  48. @MRozsahegyi12 No hs have signed up, but there is no reason they can't. If someone from yours you can partner with an 8th #catholicedchat
  49. #catholicedchat Good morning from Raleigh! Love the mysterySkype idea. Will share with my teachers.
  50. @MianiD I agree tech is there-- not sure the desire is there. When T & S get that "snow day" notice-break is on their mind #catholicedchat
  51. The CSW Mystery Skype was intended for K-12 but no high schools have signed up yet #catholicedchat
  52. Good morning, friends. Got caught up in a book and lost track of time. Thank goodness for the archive! #CatholicEdChat
  53. Our sister school is St. Joseph School in Uganda. Wonderful opportunity for @Room113SMM #CatholicEdChat
  54. @tfs_principal great! I've arranged my own Skype calls from Twitter friends for the past 3 years. @iAnnOro makes it easy #CatholicEdChat
  55. We offer a free pen pal program for K-12 in Africa & Asia - many Catholic Schools doing amazing for the poor #CatholicEdChat
  56. We used Mystery Skype to learn various regions of Va & connect w/ schools in diocese few years ago- was a wonderful lesson! #catholicedchat
  57. @KayBisaillon some may have sd that about the Diocese of Richmond's Ts smr book chat: we had a lrg following-takes ldrship #catholicedchat
  58. Thank you- #catholicedchat our small church where I will tutor has no assoc. schools for the oped pen pals
  59. I need to start looking into some of these things you guys use for chats. I just use the Twitter app on my phone. #CatholicEdChat
  60. @BarbInNebraska @iAnnOro one of the teachers already has a pen pal school in Calif and will ask pen pal school to join too! #catholicedchat
  61. @OpEdFoundation You are right. We did not purposely keep it to USA that's just the way it worked out. #catholicedchat
  62. @ncara @iAnnOro I am going to check my bookfair schedule and see if we can take part. #CatholicEdChat
  63. @MianiD I agree and think you are right to pursue it. @MrsLMWoods has had Ss "come to school" on sick days via tech! :) #catholicedchat
  64. @GDhuyvetter I used it for a student who was out with cancer 2 years ago. It was wonderful. #CatholicEdChat
  65. @GDhuyvetter I have done that once. Didn't work as well as I had hoped bc of slow wifi. #catholicedchat
  66. @e_whalen it really makes it much easier to follow, favorite, and friend :) #catholicedchat
  67. @tfs_principal Great. We are keeping the registration open until Friday the 24th. If you need a little longer let me know #catholicedchat
  68. Good morning, #CatholicEdChat Slow moving with a cold this a.m. Q1 Off three days last week due to weather
  69. @ajpodchaski @iAnnOro @e_whalen Better tool-better learning and connecting experience it seems - the tech matters a lot #catholicedchat
  70. @GDhuyvetter @BarbInNebraska @tfs_principal How are Catholic schools meeting the tech needs of lower-socioeconomic families #CatholicEdChat
  71. @ncara sent you a message but I think the H & S meeting is the Monday of PETE&C. Are you going?#CatholicEdChat
  72. @MrsLMWoods @MianiD even had a few teachers video in for a lesson or two when they were out for the day :) #catholicedchat
  73. @aportafay Hi, Ann! I'm taking 'Match Made" off the CSW Google Doc so I am available to Skype with other classes. #CatholicEdChat
  74. @iAnnOro @OpEdFoundation CSW varies for other countries - not always Jan but still would be great to have #catholicedchat
  75. @GDhuyvetter Definitely. It has so much potential. It helped the kids feel connected. #CatholicEdChat
  76. I posted the Catholic Schools Mystery Skype link in our Edmodo DLN for our Diocese-I hope we get some interest! #catholicedchat
  77. @e_whalen I am partial to tweetdeck, which is owned by twitter. Google search and you will find :) #catholicedchat
  78. Our best resources & ideas come from educators if you have ideas or specific pen pal school request contact me #CatholicEdChat
  79. @e_whalen sometimes our best intentions are frustrated by bandwidth. The future can't come fast enough! #CatholicEdChat
  80. @ajpodchaski Great it should be fun for all involved. It's a way find others to connecting via Skype w/Catholic school #catholicedchat
  81. @KayBisaillon @MrsLMWoods I did that last yr. it holds the Ss accountable when u r not there--models appropriate tech use #catholicedchat
  82. @e_whalen I use it as a chrome app and it is wonderful on my iMac - full screen - multiple columns #catholicedchat
  83. #CatholicEdChat @BarbInNebraska thank you! Will follow thru after I master other mentioned two - mostly Hispanic children tutored
  84. @ncara I will be attending and will ask if H & S can change to another date. Will talk. #CatholicEdChat
  85. @MianiD @KayBisaillon @MrsLMWoods even small steps like using Remind 101 can keep communication/learning going on snowdays. #CatholicEdChat
  86. @MianiD Never thought of this. Bringing it up at the next teacher meeting!! #CatholicEdChat
  87. @ChristineMonge @MianiD If you use a learning management system and post assignments and class notes, no one falls behind #catholicedchat
  88. @MianiD @KayBisaillon I use @edmodo when I am absent. Did in Nov, Ss thrilled when I plug in to their class from far away #catholicedchat
  89. A4: using BSCHS's interactive ebook to teach Ss to code in Excel while exploring cell phone plans in #algebra2 #catholicedchat
  90. @GDhuyvetter @e_whalen For us it's the reach of the wireless signal. Just put in three new wireless access points this week. #catholicedchat
  91. @ncara @BarbInNebraska @OfficialDLDay trying to work Digital Learning Day in this year as well - meeting some resistance #catholicedchat
  92. @MianiD you have made some amazing changes & BSCHS is lucky to have u there!Keep going & let us know what we can do to help! #catholicedchat
  93. @BarbInNebraska I want to do this next year with our K-4 students. I know they would love it. So many opportunities! #CatholicEdChat
  94. @e_whalen The chat is moving too fast for me to keep up! Thank goodness for our archive. #CatholicEdChat
  95. @MianiD A few years ago @MrsLMWoods & I did celphone poetry- 140 characters or less- some of the poems were FABULOUS! #catholicedchat
  96. @BarbInNebraska I haven't done World Read Aloud Day yet. I will have to mention that one at school #catholicedchat
  97. @iAnnOro When I tried it, it was actually the student's wifi that couldn't keep up w the school's. #goodproblemstillaproblem #CatholicEdChat
  98. @KayBisaillon I love Dot Day-it goes well with the coLAr app and Augmented Reality! Fun! #CatholicEdChat
  99. @iAnnOro It was a great experience for us last year, a ELL student volunteered to read! Made me proud! #CatholicEdChat
  100. @ChristineMonge would love to see what you do w/ lesson & share w/ others at school? Think that wld be beneficial 4 them. #catholicedchat
  101. Good morning everyone. Doing a quick read through the chat. #catholicedchat
  102. @e_whalen That's interesting! We have not had then students bring devices yet. You're right it is a good problem #catholicedchat
  103. #CatholicEdChat Project w/ group of our 8th graders answered the question 'What is 21st Century Learning. Here it is 
  104. @KayBisaillon The app has a coloring page with a Dot for the kids to design. Then it comes alive with the app. It's free. #CatholicEdChat
  105. @MianiD @KayBisaillon Previewing an online vocab for next year, no books, individual pace, I am excited, others not so much #catholicedchat
  106. Now I'm going to push back on my own point. Need to set limits on home attendance. Sometimes we shld be allowed to be sick! #catholicedchat
  107. @ChristineMonge @KayBisaillon I agree Dot Day is fun! We used ColAR app too. They students loved it. #catholicedchat
  108. @GDhuyvetter we have touched on this subject before- the blurred lines btwn home & work/school & how we are all working 24/7 #catholicedchat
  109. A4: My world religions S do a museum webquest through the Rubin in NYC. "Free field trip" #CatholicEdChat
  110. Good morning everyone. Just waking up here in Washington State #catholicedchat
  111. Fuze is a great vc program which may help with communication. It's a bit more interactive than Skype #CatholicEdChat
  112. @ChristineMonge of course! Seeing me when I'm sick might be borderline child abuse! #CatholicEdChat
  113. @MianiD @GDhuyvetter and learning when enough is enough..or too much! If it's hard for adults-impossible for students #catholicedchat
  114. For those who haven't seen it  ColAR App goes with printable pages from website. Some free some paid #catholicedchat
  115. A4: Art teacher had Ss google tour Metro Museum of Art Fri: Ss loved it! #catholicedchat
  116. @ChristineMonge @GDhuyvetter funny--my hubby has told me on occasion--turn off your phone & your brain... :) #catholicedchat
  117. Always looking for pen pal letter topics-ideas on this blog are a goldmine! #CatholicEdChat
  118. @BarbInNebraska Yes, but same kind of device. I connected it to myfitnesspal and the two work well in tandem. #Catholicedchat
  119. @kmb211 Things are good here. Hope your Middle States work went well. #catholicedchat
  120. @ajpodchaski would love to hear more about those!! started coding w group this week - used cargo-bot app, hourofcode #catholicedchat
  121. Wow, the hour is almost up! Any last thoughts/ideas to share? #CatholicEdChat
  122. @ajpodchaski @ncara @BarbInNebraska I did some work last year with the students in Minecraft. Looking to do more this year #catholicedchat
  123. @ncara @ajpodchaski My students used Daisy the Dinosaur K-1 Tynker in grade 2-3 Blockly on HOC 4-8 They loved it #catholicedchat
  124. I'm speaking to the #ArchOmaha principals on Thursday. I'm giving a Social Media overview and why they should join. #CatholicEdChat
  125. @ncara @ajpodchaski #CatholicEdChat Ss loved Hour of Code. Reduced time to devote to it in Dec due to snow days :-( Hope to do more
  126. @iAnnOro @ncara @ajpodchaski have you tried Tynker? It's like Scratch but online feature. Haven't made the switch yet. #catholicedchat
  127. Any links to Minecraft projects would be awesome - my boys are obsessed! #CatholicEdChat
  128. I'm mentioning the awesome teachers on #CatholicEdChat as the main reason they should join @twitter
  129. @BarbInNebraska #CatholicEdChat Was fun to read and take it all in this week...started a little late so I look forward to the archive
  130. @KayBisaillon @iAnnOro @ajpodchaski have not tried tynker yet but want to use also Hopscotch - this group using ipads #catholicedchat
  131. @BarbInNebraska That's great! the power of educators on twitter is strong. I'll look for any tweets during your pres. #catholicedchat
  132. @KayBisaillon @ncara @ajpodchaski Tynker is pretty much equal to Scratch and Scratch 2.0 is online now too. #catholicedchat
  133. @ChristineMonge you will love it! The collaborative features make a huge difference! #catholicedchat
  134. @aportafay @ajpodchaski great resources w/hour of code-videos especially and forums -what did you think? #catholicedchat
  135. @KayBisaillon @ncara @ajpodchaski I used Tynker with grade 2/3 because I really liked the tutorial they did for the HOC #catholicedchat
  136. @iAnnOro @ncara @ajpodchaskiI didn't realize Scratch had online component-thanks! #catholicedchat
  137. @johnwick I'm not sure I will do much live tweeting, but be ready to welcome them as they join Twitter later! #CatholicEdChat
  138. Time for a little more coffee and a gym visit! Have a great week to you all! Happy, healthy New Year! #catholicedchat