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21st Century Classroom Design with Ken Willers

  1. Good morning! My tweets for the next hour will be devoted to #catholicedchat
  2. @ncara #catholicedchat Good morning. I will follow your lead Nancy. First time hosting a Twitter Chat.
  3. @BarbInNebraska @ncara #catholicedchat Yes. Design based on 21st Century learning and a our School's Mission.
  4. Good morning #catholicedchat Looking forward to this morning's topic.
  5. Good morning everyone! I am really looking forward to our topic today. #catholicedchat
  6. @21stCenPrinKW has been serving Catholic schools in innovative ways for a long time! #CatholicEdChat #NCEA
  7. #catholicedchat I want to share a photo and a questions with all of you to begin.
  8. #catholicedchat: What reactions, reflections, or feedback would you like share regarding this quote from plato
    #catholicedchat: What reactions, reflections, or feedback would you like share regarding this quote from plato
  9. A crisp Saturday morning in early January is a great time to set up some Testing Hubs. #edchat #catholicedchat 
  10. @21stCenPrinKW It is the direction we should be using in education, but it does not match the reality in too many places #catholicedchat
  11. A1: This quote is what we should be doing. Sadly, with high-stakes testing we are far from it. #catholicedchat
  12. @21stCenPrinKW Reminds me that we are coaches and facilitators and best teachers always have been! #CatholicEdChat
  13. Every child has genius of some sort. Hopefully they have teachers who help them find it. #catholicedchat
  14. This hasn't been embraced by the majority of schools or educators unfortunately. We need to do better. #catholicedchat
  15. A1: #catholicedchat It is a quote reflecting what many are aiming for but we weren't schooled this way so we are learning how to do it.
  16. Sorry for the delay in welcoming everyone. Had technical difficulties. Consider yourself welcomed! #catholicedchat
  17. @NCEAKMEARS I agree .There needs to a be a real conversation about education in this country not just testing or Common Core #catholicedchat
  18. #catholicedchat I really like the visual which supports a vision of ed tech and experiential learning blended to facilitate Ss growth.
  19. #catholicedchat great reflections. Really hits on what differentiated instruction is all about…focus not on deficit but on strength
  20. I meet lots of teachers who are trying, but don't always know how! #CatholicEdChat
  21. @iAnnOro Great point! And our Ss parents weren't either so they need to be educated, as do Boards and Pastors to support. #catholicedchat
  22. @APannie7 I agree. High stakes testing is the exact opposite of what the quote tells us to do. #catholicedchat
  23. @SharonABolger morning, Sharon. I agree with you, a visual is good! Helps keep it in front. #catholicedchat
  24. @21stCenPrinKW Learning is timeless,important since beginning of time-modes and supports change. Stay tuned to student need #catholicedchat
  25. #catholicedchat Students all can learn. It is really difficult to become expert at differentiating within a 42 minute class period.
  26. Check out this child that was said to have autism but is actually a prodigy. Just need to discover talent #catholicedchat
  27. @NCEAKMEARS It's not always that they don't know how, it's that they are unwilling to change. #catholicedchat
  28. #catholicedchat That's true @APannie7 Many people expect rote learning in the same way by all.
  29. @ChristineMonge @APannie7 I agree, but assessment can help us to be better. It can help us know what a child can do. #CatholicEdChat
  30. @iAnnOro #catholicedchat Great point! So, aware of the challenges-how do we move through them?
  31. Frustrating that this can be done successfully 1 year then completely undone the next. Up to school to everyone on board. #catholicedchat
  32. #catholicedchat @tcockrum When I taught math I did a lot of videos to help students review topics. They really liked it.
  33. @NCEAKMEARS @ChristineMonge I definitely support assessment for informing, but too much emphasis is placed on the test. #catholicedchat
  34. @NCEAKMEARS @APannie7 We just need to make sure we are doing different types of assessment not just standardized testing. #catholicedchat
  35. #catholicedchat True @NCEAKMEARS it is the way many schools organize the day and it makes it hard to start and stop the flow of things.
  36. #catholicedchat I led my whole staff through our vision and how we needed to change our schedule to meet our goals. It took a year-we did it
  37. @APannie7 With testing and other requirements in place lots to consider! #catholicedchat
  38. @NCEAKMEARS We do need assessment to help us to know where a child is, it is focus on constant high stakes type I hate #catholicedchat
  39. Biggest obstacle for me has been getting others on board, especially pastors. Suggestions? #catholicedchat
  40. Good morning #catholicedchat ! Looks like no internet at my home this morning! Will do my best on my phone - slow, though. :)Happy New Year!
  41. #catholicedchat And yet projects can really capture the imagination and help the learning. @NCEAKMEARS @APannie7 I love to do an adjective
  42. @ChristineMonge @NCEAKMEARS As a HS peep, I wish colleges would change their criteria. Eportfolios not SATs would be gr8! #catholicedchat
  43. @21stCenPrinKW Good leadership changing the way we "do school" is crucial to changing things for the best for our students. #catholicedchat
  44. @NCEAKMEARS can we just have students memorize how to search Google then they won't need to memorize anything else? #catholicedchat
  45. #catholicedchat I attended a session at a neighbouring district They are exploring some really interesting ideas about strength based educ.
  46. #catholicedchat I am going to ask another question with a visual. Be prepared to reflect in the context of physical environment.
  47. @21stCenPrinKW I would love to hear how you converted the nay-sayers. Great #eduwin for your kids! #catholicedchat
  48. @APannie7 #catholicedchat I allowed the staff to ne the challenges and then find the solution.
  49. @NCEAKMEARS @ChristineMonge I know, but my problem is I am a bit like Veruca Salt: I want it all and I want it NOW. ;-) #catholicedchat
  50. #catholicedchat just jumping into convo here-discussion reminds me of quote- "judge a fish by ability to climb a tree"- #catholicedchat
  51. Not sure I understand curric vs projects but love learning for life instead of learning for school. #CatholicEdChat
  52. Powerful graphic. That should be hanging in every teacher's lounge in every school. Imagine the results! #catholicedchat
  53. I like the phrase "Head Learner" with my students. They are shocked when I use it. Used to the teacher knowing it all. #catholicedchat
  54. As my instruction is changing, I am less satisfied with my physical room. I long for space to collaborate in my lab. #catholicedchat
  55. @BarbInNebraska I registered 4 Edcamp at home today, probably difficult to attend with no Internet! #bummer #catholicedchat
  56. A2: It's the old preparing students for life after school as it is now. Ss have to be collaborative/creative #catholicedchat @21stCenPrinKW
  57. @NCEAKMEARS @21stCenPrinKW Teacher and student. There is just too much to fit in and not enough time. No one is ever happy #catholicedchat
  58. @BarbInNebraska So true ... they are still surprised when I say I don't know but let's see what we can find out. #catholicedchat
  59. A2: We were preparing students for working at factories. Anyone see that video? #catholicedchat
  60. MT AGREED @sabuller: Powerful graphic. That should be hanging in every Ts lounge in every school. Imagine the results! #catholicedchat
  61. I know what you mean about changing the physical room @mrsmhebert I did that this year #catholicedchat
  62. @iAnnOro I have done what I can in a lab so far, but would love more flexibility. Requires $$$ to really redo a lab. :( #catholicedchat
  63. @BarbInNebraska is it the Ken Robinson video on changing ed paradigms? I've watched that one about 100 times #catholicedchat
  64. @mrsmhebert powerful statement & seems ntrl progression-mental change in teaching style transforms 2 physical space change #catholicedchat
  65. @mrsmhebert I didn't redo the lab per se I just got rid of a lot of chairs and have more room for movement #catholicedchat
  66. #catholicedchat The chart leaves out the critical continuous need for analysis of ed activites through the lenses of faith and value goals.
  67. Anyone have pics of their classrooms? I have desks in pods but hoping to change it up over the summer. #catholicedchat
  68. @mrsmhebert @iAnnOro lab redesign can be expensive - moving outlets, etc - wireless charging will help one day! #catholicedchat
  69. @NCEAKMEARS @iAnnOro would also love two stations with a small screen on the wall attached to a Mac mini for collaboration. #catholicedchat
  70. @ncara @iAnnOro My wiring is not the problem. It is the physical tables and desktops. no room for kids to work together #catholicedchat
  71. @NCEAKMEARS @21stCenPrinKW They already complain about too much work. I think it would depend on how the day was laid out #catholicedchat
  72. @BarbInNebraska In library the students are sitting on floor. Whenever working they run to sit on the floor even #catholicedchat
  73. #catholicedchat Vision attracts followers. Followers bring expertise. Expertise brings clarity. Clarity brings us to our destination.
  74. @ChristineMonge When I taught in public school, I wasted so much time on documenting. Let teachers use time for Ss #catholicedchat
  75. @mrsmhebert @ncara @iAnnOro do your Ss have their own devices? Could you ditch some furniture and create space that way? #catholicedchat
  76. Great ideas from all of you! If willing to share your 21st Century ideas in our newsletter, please let me know. #CatholicEdChat
  77. @ncara @mrsmhebert @iAnnOro, Funny how with all our technological progress, it's old electrical needs that hinder change. #CatholicEdChat
  78. @kmb211 My kids sit on the floor a lot! Room arranged to allow space to do so. I sit on floor w them too. #catholicedchat
  79. @APannie7 @ncara @iAnnOro 3 shared carts of ipads. I have to share so I am stuck with desktops. :( #catholicedchat
  80. @e_whalen @kmb211 My son's T has clipboards so Ss can work on floor. My son does that a lot. #gratefulmom #catholicedchat
  81. @PaulSnatchko @ncara @iAnnOro Yep ... I am lucky that we got new Cat 6 wiring a few years ago. I have room to grow there. #catholicedchat
  82. Did you know my tweet was on the White House blog about 21st Century classrooms?  #catholicedchat
  83. @APannie7 @mrsmhebert @iAnnOro most don't but I can see how individual access would allow for flexible design #catholicedchat
  84. #catholicedchat Okay...get ready. Next questions with another visual. 3 domains of 21st Cent Learning. How might they inform use of space?
  85. #catholicedchat How do you currently integrate these 21Cent domains and how might the environment enhance them?
    #catholicedchat How do you currently integrate these 21Cent domains and how might the environment enhance them?
  86. @ncara ideal for me = cart of laptops, a few collab desktop stations, cart of mobile devices choose device for task #catholicedchat
  87. @NCEAKMEARS @APannie7 @e_whalen They are laying on the floor with their iPads or NetBooks & working on projects. #catholicedchat
  88. @21stCenPrinKW Do you have a link to the source? The image is teeny on my screen. :-( #catholicedchat
  89. A3: Well you certainly can't do that w indiv desks in rows. At least combine desks to form tables. #catholicedchat
  90. @ncara @21stCenPrinKW I am dying to start redesigning some of our spaces for collaboration. $$ is always an issue. #catholicedchat
  91. #catholicedchat @PaulSnatchko @ncara @mrsmhebert You are so right about the electrical needs. That is one of our big issues.
  92. #catholicedchat I reposted the question to a google drive with the image.
  93. @mrsmhebert @PaulSnatchko @ncara We got Cat 6 on the 2nd floor last year. Still have to run it from main router to 1st floor.#catholicedchat
  94. @BarbInNebraska @ncara Here is the killer. Bought awesome wireless, Arch won't let through firewall still working on fix #catholicedchat
  95. @ncara @mrsmhebert I tweeted to @arneduncan about the need for bandwidth and wireless. He tweeted me back! #CatholicEdChat
  96. Ahh thank you for the link, I had out my magnifying glass! Start with placing desks in groups for collaboration. #catholicedchat
  97. @21stCenPrinKW @ncara I am working on infrastructure. If we can get wireless up ... will be huge. #catholicedchat
  98. I'd love a classroom full of these @Steelcase Node desks. #catholicedchat Allows for multiple configurations quickly.
    I'd love a classroom full of these @Steelcase Node desks. #catholicedchat Allows for multiple configurations quickly.
  99. A3: Lesson re-desing is happening in small groups with Ts to incorporate more PBL, blogging, collaboration. #catholicedchat
  100. @mrsmhebert @BarbInNebraska overly restrictive filter-problematic. Impedes us as learners.Students same. #digcit #catholicedchat
  101. @NCEAKMEARS Arch won't open needed port, we are only school Aerohive has ever run into this with. Trying for new way now #catholicedchat
  102. #catholicedchat Remember Vision attracts followers.Followers bring expertise. Expertise brings clarity.Clarity brings us to our destination.
  103. @ncara @BarbInNebraska I can get some things opened. They have opened Youtube. Got them to open G+. Skype still an issue #catholicedchat
  104. @ncara Ss would love the tunnels between rooms.;) Great ideas#catholicedchat
  105. @e_whalen read post from T-rid of desks, added 4/5 couches, plastic rolling bins w/ drawers-painted room w/murals-fabulous! #catholicedchat
  106. @mrsmhebert Keep working! Everyone is trying to do what's right for students. #CatholicEdChat
  107. @BarbInNebraska More teachers need to speak their mind. Maybe country would listen to our dialogue instead of policy people #catholicedchat
  108. #catholicedchat going to post an article I used with my staff and families regarding our redesign project.
  109. @KayBisaillon I'm hoping to add some window seat shelves/cubbies around the perimeter of the room. #catholicedchat
  110. @NCEAKMEARS Would love to ... I have been learning from and sharing with so many. #catholicedchat
  111. @mrsmhebert @BarbInNebraska Need more (Catholic) educators on social media. It brings about change! #CatholicEdChat
  112. My classroom media center is 2 computers & a Smart Board. Global projects, blogging, collaboration helps us reach our goals. #catholicedchat
  113. @mrsmhebert I just had that conversation with @aportafay on Monday! It's unexpected coming from me. #CatholicEdChat
  114. @NCEAKMEARS @BarbInNebraska So true. Being connected has been a game changer for me this past year. trying to get more #catholicedchat
  115. @mrsmhebert @NCEAKMEARS fikters r frustrating-teach right actions not block wrong ones---let them learn same way they live #catholicedchat
  116. @NCEAKMEARS @mrsmhebert, As a dir. of advancement & communication, I have to say the filters are often a pain in the tookus! #CatholicEdChat
  117. @BarbInNebraska @aportafay It is time for Teachers to speak up ... especially those who usually don't #catholicedchat
  118. @NCEAKMEARS @mrsmhebert @BarbInNebraska If sites you need to use are blocked,wireless lacking lesson, learning impeded #catholicedchat
  119. Work stations in 3rd grade....all on the floor. 2 iPad carts shared PK-8 ;(#catholicedchat
    Work stations in 3rd grade....all on the floor. 2 iPad carts shared PK-8 ;(#catholicedchat
  120. @mrsmhebert @NCEAKMEARS @BarbInNebraska Agreed our school 10 years ago is so different from what I see in the halls now #catholicedchat
  121. @iAnnOro @mrsmhebert @NCEAKMEARS wish I had mobile computer screens in the hallways to showcase our projects! #CatholicEdChat
  122. @KayBisaillon @NCEAKMEARS We need to teach how to use SM instead of just block also include the faith way to use it #catholicedchat
  123. Just a reminder *or if you didn't know* I am trying to organize a Catholic Schools Week Mystery Skype project #catholicedchat
  124. @NCEAKMEARS I keep telling people about this chat-no one seems to want to get up this early! #catholicedchat
  125. @ncara Amen! I am considered a rabble rouser sometimes in the tech office because I want best tool for Ss #catholicedchat
  126. @mrsmhebert @KayBisaillon @NCEAKMEARS So many positive uses of social media - imp to move past negative stereotypes - #catholicedchat
  127. Sorry I missed so much of today's chat. I need to catch up! #catholicedchat
  128. @mrsmhebert @KayBisaillon @NCEAKMEARS To many times parents & admin are fearful of SM but we must teach students how to use #catholicedchat
  129.  One of my favorites! I've seen it so many times and each time take away something new. #CatholicEdChat
  130. @mrsmhebert @ncara Same here I do the same & sometimes out on an island by myself but end result is worth it. #catholicedchat
  131. @kmb211 I teach what I can within the limits of what is blocked. Just wish we could show them live dos and dont's #catholicedchat
  132. A4: Our school is moving in the right direction. @21CenPrinKW #catholicedchat
  133. We redesigned our website this year, the teachers are posting class pages, and have school email addresses @21stCenPrinKW #catholicedchat
  134. @kmb211 I have been getting comfortable on my island this year. Doing what is best for kids. Period #catholicedchat
  135. @21stCenPrinKW Re" article - electrical upgrades costly. Others can be adapted at times from existing #catholicedchat
  136. Across the board communication, collaboration, creating happening PK-8 not everyday but it's moving forward @21stCenPrinKW #catholicedchat
  137. @iAnnOro looking forward to this!! Lost time😰 during Advent/Christmas. Still hoping for that test drive;)#cathcatholicedchat
  138. @TaubeHtaube1 Let me know. I spoke with the PreK4 teacher and we have some ideas. #catholicedchat
  139. @mrsmhebert Hang in there they will come around when they see the benefits for students.#catholicedchat
  140. @ncara #catholicedchat Want to share our school's MasterPlan. Nothing can be done over night. Must be planned for w/ others who share vision
  141. Wonderful chat today - Thx to @21stCenPrinKW on 21C Classroom Design - lots to think about and excellent ideas here #catholicedchat
  142. @21stCenPrinKW We are making baby steps in a few places, but we have a long way to go. #catholicedchat
  143. @kmb211 @mrsmhebert @NCEAKMEARS positive role models & uses! Show FB,Vine,IG,Twitter used uplifting ways! Spread goodness! #catholicedchat