Violence in Egypt, captured on the web

Dozens of deaths were reported as clashes broke out during mass demonstrations by supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi in Egypt Friday. Images and videos capturing the violence continue to be published across the web. Here is a curated collection.


  1. Graphic warning: Video below shows an apparently unarmed protester being shot as he approaches a tank with his arms raised.
  2. الجيش يطلق النار علي المتظاهرين السلميين بالإسماعيلية
  3. الاخوان بالسلاح الالي في محاولة اقتحام التحرير
  4. Clashes near Ramses square
  5. ضباط قسم الازبكية يدافعون عنه من محاولة الاخوان إقتحامه
  6. Morsi supporters flew shooting in Zamalek
  7. سقوط جماعي من فوق كوبري ١٥ مايو