Thank You, Teachers

We all have a teacher whose impact has lasted beyond the classroom. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we encourage you to share a memory of a favorite teacher on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #ThanksTeachers. Selected responses will be displayed below.


  1. Mrs. Lambert was my favorite teacher because she instilled in me my love of reading. I am thankful for having such a wonderful teacher.
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  3. My drum teacher the first that have ever told me that I was very talented. #awh
  4. I had a lot of great teachers throughout my life it is hard to point one out but the ones I remember made a world of difference in my life especially considering how much I was bullied!
  5. Thanks to Mrs. Trezza, Mr. Gilfond, Patrick Broome and Neil Postman, my favorite teachers at all levels.
  6. My favorite teacher inspired me to be a teacher! Ms. Soares was my 9th grade English teacher. She saw the pain I was trying to hide when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and she went out of her way to make sure I was ok. And that's just the personal part. She was amazing in teaching is to appreciate the classics, but she also helped us understand Dickens and Shakespeare in a way no other teacher was able to!