State of the Union 2013

A sampling of top news, commentary and social reaction to President Obama's address to the nation. For complete coverage, visit


  1. State of the Union? Thirsty

    Sen. Marco Rubio's Republican response to President Obama' speech won praise (in some quarters, at least) for its personal yet strong tone, but the senator lost some mojo and endured an Internet shaming when he lunged for a drink of water midway through his speech. 
  2. What, no love? 

    Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) has a favorite State of the Union tradition: stand in the center aisle to be greeted by the president. He's been doing it since 1989. But on this night, President Obama seemingly had no interest in playing along, and passed right over Engel when greeting lawmakers. 
  3. An accidental snub? Perhaps not ...
  4. Fist bumps for all - even the political opposition

    President Obama gave an exploding fist bump to Sen. Mark Kirk (R - Ill.), who had a stroke in 2012. Here it is in slow motion, courtesy of Gawker.
  5. Cat Scratch fever

  6. Replay: #SOTU in tweets

  7. On deficit reduction: