Live Updates: TSA officer shot and killed at LAX

A gunman shot through a security checkpoint Friday morning at Los Angeles International Airport, killing a Transportation Security Administration employee, wounding another, and throwing one of the nation's busiest airports into chaos. Here are the latest developments.


  1. Late Friday, officials said they are working to reopen the airport and lift the ground stop, capping a harrowing day for thousands of travelers:
  2. The hoard as they open LAX
  3. #mourn #riptsa #notforgotton #honor #lax
    #mourn #riptsa #notforgotton #honor #lax
  4. Flights remained delayed and passengers stranded, hours after the shooting took place:
  5. Finally an update. All flights canceled. #laxshooting
  6. NBC News reporting and official updates begin to shed some light on the shooter:
  7. Passengers report chaos in the terminals and on the tarmacs of LAX in the immediate aftermath of the shooting:
  8. Passengers report seeing gun used in shooting in gate area of terminal, past security checkpoint: