Sandy, then and now

A look at what's changed - and what hasn't - since Hurricane Sandy struck the Eastern Seaboard on Oct. 29, 2012. Share your before-and-after images and stories using #Sandy1Year.

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  1. Today and tomorrow we're handing over the @NBCNews Instagram keys to VII photojournalist Ed Kashi as he retraces the steps he took through #NewJersey documenting the effects of #Superstorm #Sandy. Last year Kashi made many memorable images from the banks of the Hudson River to the Atlantic City boardwalk (images from Oct. 29-30, 2012 seen above). This year, he'll re-photograph those same scenes, in an attempt to show us what difference a year can make. (Images: @EdKashi / @viiphoto) #NBCNewsPics __________________________ Do you have a story to tell? Tag your posts #Sandy1Year and show us. Read complete Sandy anniversary coverage at
  2. Rebirth: Meet the babies born during Sandy and revisit areas hit hardest by the storm
  3. Happy birthday, #Sandy #babies! These children were all evacuated as newborns from @nyuniversity's Langone Medical Center during last year's #Superstorm. Learn more about them and their families at Do you have a story to tell? Tag posts #Sandy1Year and show us. (Images: Jason Andrew / @GettyImages for NBC News) #NBCNewsPics #NYC #NYU
  4. happy birthday, Sandy babies! These little ones were born as the lights went out at NYU, one year ago today @todayshow
  5. Timelapse, Breezy Point: Construction crews build dozens of new homes in Sandy burn zone
  6. Revisiting the storm
  7. The iconic Boardwalk Roller Coaster after #HurricaneSandy. Still can't believe it's been a year. #sandy1year #OneYearLater #regram