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I like tweeting because its legit just talking to yourself but other people can see

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Full time student, part time many other things

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Emerson College


Patrick Smith

Dallas Stars die-hard. I bleed victory green.


David Milberg is an investor and entrepreneur from New York City. Milberg has a passion for theater, specifically musical comedy. He is a board member of the Princeton University Triangle Club. Milberg has performed several shows in Princeton's Triangle Club when he was younger. He also has participated in other activities in the club and contributed to some of their achievements. Besides musical theater, Milberg is a huge fan of the Yankees and the Mets. He loves food, pastries, and coffee. He currently lives in NYC on the Upper East Side with his 3 children.

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Buy Instagram Followers and Likes Social media are internet services that let you interact with others and share and create content through online communities.

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Comm/media major @NazarethCollege • Intern for OhmCo Inc. Recording and Sound • Writer for @nazgazette • Musician & traveler