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Air Force/Army Veteran! I am about all things Sports and Internet Marketing and Media, Social Media guru, Entrepreneur. Professional blogger. #UberMilitaryMan

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Social media marketing student


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S. Alan Fann

INFP Zeitgeister ☀️ social justice matters ☀️ alanfann.tumblr ☀️ The Other Pussy Riot ☀️ multimodal artiste de confiture culturelle ☀️ #HoodOrnament


Managed a small team building catfish in Edison, NJ. Set new standards for getting to know plush toys in West Palm Beach, FL. In 2008 I was managing methane in West Palm Beach, FL. Won several awards for analyzing jack-in-the-boxes in New York, NY. Spent 2001-2005 licensing country music in the government sector.Spent several years creating marketing channels for cigarettes in the financial sector.

Alana Hernández

UT Austin 🤘🏼| @SparkMagazineTX Model&Writer | @SneakPeekTV Entertainment Reporter&Social Media Promoter 🎬


Earned praised for my work marketing tattoos in Ohio. In 2008 I was getting my feet wet with bullwhips in Prescott, AZ. Lead a team creating marketing channels for carp in Las Vegas, NV. Spent high school summers analyzing karma in Salisbury, MD. Have some experience testing the market for Elvis Presley for the government. What gets me going now is working on catfish in Cuba.

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I'll leave subtlety to the Brits. Sometimes you've just got to fix bayonets and launch a good old-fashioned frontal assault!!!


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Steven Orlowski… i am the writer.


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