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Remembering Jim Reif

A thread dedicated to memories of and stories about NBC2 meteorologist Jim Reif, who died Monday, April 7th, after a weekend bicycling accident.


  1. I work for Publix and got to meet Jim Reif a couple times when he shopped!! He was always friendly even when I asked kiddingly "how's the weather"!!! I've watched him many years on NBC2 and he will truly be missed!! RIP JR
  2. Back in the mid 90s Jim and I were neighbors on SW 52nd Street in Cape Coral. Oddly enough we both worked at WINK, he on tv and I on the FM radio side. I used to tease him about his legs when he'd go out to mailbox in shorts, no shirt and barefooted. To me, he was always kind of a "cool nerd"........That's why I was surprised to learn he didn't have a helmet on when this unfortunate incident took place. Rest in Peace Jim and to his fiance I wish for you Peace in Life.
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  5. Southwest Florida has lost a dedicated meteorologist and friend. I have been watching Jim for 20 years and feel he was a great friend of our family. I feel a great loss and can only begin to understand the loss his family and colleagues are feeling. So sad. Rip JR
  6. What a beautiful testimony to your colleague and friend. I've known Jim for 17 years. We shared the passion of travel. Every time I saw him that's all we would talk about. He told me end of Feb about his upcoming trip to Switzerland and Austria and told me he was proposing to Jane! He was so excited to make her his wife!! Jane.., he spoke so fondly of you! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of his family.. RIP Jim. You were a good man!
  7. Jim allowed me to shadow him at work one day, back in 1995, when he was still at WINK-TV. I was considering a career in Meteorology, and Jim took the time to explain every aspect of the field to me. He even offered to contact his friend/former colleague at Penn State, who was the Chair of the Meteorology Department at the time, to arrange a tour up there for me. My Mom and I did go visit Penn State, and while we were there, we were treated like VIPs when we visited the Meteorology Dept....bc of my connection with Jim Reif! He didn't have to go to the trouble of setting anything up for me, but wanted to make sure that I truly had a good experience. He was passionate about his work, but above all else, helping people. This loss is beyond words. His family and close friends are in my thoughts and prayers!
  8. I was born here in Lee county 20 years ago. my whole life My dad followed Jim from different news stations. And I have been watching jim my whole life. Weather forecasts will never be the same. Rip Jim Reif thank for always watching out for us...
  9. ... a true gentleman who never got caught up in his celebrated life; always remaining a gentle soul who was there solely to help others... most sincere condolences to his family, especially his fiancee... so glad she knew he looked forward to a future together.. may she always know his light will shine on... It does, indeed, seem appropriate that today the rain should fall... may God bless the NBC-2 family...
  10. Jim was more than a weatherman he was a landmark of sorts. if you were out of town for a week or a year you could turn on the tv and see Jim doing the weather and you knew you were back home
  11. We watched Jim from his very first forecast on WINK NEWS when we first moved to Fort Myers in 1979. I was only 9 years old but I still remember his curly hair and voice making him unique. The years have gone by and during that whole time he was the rock that my family always counted on for top notch weather forecasts here in Fort Myers. I've always been a severe weather and hurricane enthusiast so as a child and an adult, I looked forward to Jim's tropical forecasts and coverage of storms. We didn't used to follow news anchors to different networks but we certainly followed Jim when he left WINK News. Our community lost a wonderful meteorologist and person who was larger than life and he will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jim's family and fiance'. RIP Jim Reif, we miss you already!
  12. It's been 10 years since I worked with you Jim. I'll always remember our talks about life in Philly and meeting your friend, Hurricane Glen Schwartz who I watched for many years in PA. I remember it was a bit tricky setting your camera shot at first, because you were so tall. Thank you for you patience and professionalism. You will be missed. My heart goes out to your family and my former colleagues.
  13. Jim Reif was a very big part of the NBC-2 newscasts. He was an even bigger part during the worst weather scenarios. Hurricane Charley stands out. He was one of the hardest working guys during threatening weather. He loved this area and the people of this area and perhaps that is what motivated him to always work hard to give the best weather newscasts in Southwest Florida. We'll all miss Jim. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  14. We grew up watching Jim on the news. He came to my elementary school when I was child to talk about the weather, I remember he had to put his head down to get thru the door because he was so tall. When hurricanes were coming our way I always looked for Jim on the news because I felt confident he gave us the most up to date information. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his fiancée. RIP Jim...
  15. i was saddened to hear about Jim. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim while I was Captain for the Cape Coral Police Department. Jim was an extraordinary person. He will surely be missed. My prayers for his friend and family.