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Hacker targets Florida election center

Over the weekend, there was a huge data breach at a Floridaelection center. A hacker found a hole in the security system.


  1. Over the weekend, there was a huge data breach at a Florida
    election center. A hacker found a hole in the security system. We found out what this could mean for your vote in upcoming elections.

    An anonymous hacker - known as Abhaxas - posted 14 pages of poll worker passwords and voter stats.

    On Twitter, the hacker released the data -- asking:
  2. And the hacker proceeded to follow that comment with others.
  3. The blogosphere lit up, saying this has huge implications for upcoming elections.

    But Collier and Lee County election officials say that"s not possible because there's a paper trail.

    "Paper ballots are reviewed and compared with totals that are given per the voting machine and that's done at an open public meeting," said Tim Durham, Collier County Chief Department Supervisor of Elections.

    Officials we spoke to say that when you come to vote, you put your ballot in the machine. And that information is then recorded in a totally separate spot from where the hacked information was kept.

    "Tabulation is in a separate network all by itself and it doesn't talk to anything but itself," said Lee County Elections Systems Admin Wayne Magin.

    "Even within our own office, only selected individuals have access to the sensitive areas," Durham added.

    As it turns out, the stolen data was from a Liberty County Election Office. A hole in the online contractor's security system let the hacker in.

  4. But there's a big difference between phishing for info and influencing elections.

    "Altering ballots, changing ballots, or anything like that -- right off the bat is a third degree felony with prison time," Durham explained.

    Officials say they're now getting law enforcement involved.

    Meanwhile, state and county election workers say Florida elections are now more secure than ever.