1. The exhibit opened on the 31st of March and features the work of ariel Brearlty and Fingers Scintilla. The location is in the virtual world of Second Life, at the Palais Orleans Gallery. 
  2. Aftermath - A Second Life Exhibition
    Aftermath - A Second Life Exhibition
  3. "After the explosions, the few survivors were taken by surprise as the dust began to fall, silently and endlessly, choking everything in it's path. Slowly the few evolved, surviving on rage and fear, fighting for everything they possessed. Until finally, - there was just One..."

  4. The gallery had recently come under the direction of Morgana Nagorski who curated the exhibit told me about a her taking on the responsibility from gallery owner Madison Arnahan, "I want to preserve its tradition but have changed the name from Palais Orleans Art Studio and Designs to the more simple Palais Orleans Gallery."

    Ms Arnahan had this to say when I asked her about the gallery and the direction change, "Yes, I reviewed her work as a curator and since real life has limited my time here I could not think of anyone else that I would entrust my lil treasure to. There are 'strings attached' however I doubt that clause would ever be invoked. I wish merely for it to be active .. and still cutting edge .. she has done that and can do it."

    Ms Nagorski is an accomplished artists and photographer in Second Life. She is also a photographer for one of that virtual worlds most popular monthly, Best of Second Life. She told me of her plans for the space, "How I intend to run the gallery is to choose 2 artists at a time . . .who compliment each other. I will ask them to together come up with a "theme" . . .and then both work on that theme. I will not show the 2 artists separately . . . but intermingle their work and make it one show." She further explained that, "The shows with be  9 weeks long with a one week getting settled period . . .and I have the next 2 show after this booked which takes us up to late September.  The garden is also to be used as gallery space . . .and here I will have a changing 'collection' of my work.