Lost and Found in Moore, Oklahoma

Disaster struck when a tornado tore through Moore, Okla., Monday, May 20, 2013. Although some families lost everything, things are being found among the destruction and rubble, giving residents hope.

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  1. After a tornado ripped through Moore, Okla., on Monday, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, families frantically began searching for their loved ones.
    By Wednesday morning, officials had announced that no Moore residents were unaccounted for.
  2. It wasn't just people who went missing. Many animals began crawling out of the rubble.
  3. This donkey was found near 134th and May. He has a leg injury and has been treated by a vet. He is very friendly. Please share out in hopes of finding his owner!
  4. Tornado survivors were reunited with their pets.
  5. A number of people have taken to social media to reunite families with mementos they've found among the rubble and miles away, knowing that simply having a photograph returned could mean the world to families who had lost everything.
  6. Another picture found in our yard. Does this belong to you? #moore # tornado #mooreisok
  7. Reuniting Tornado strewn belongings with their owners
  8. Reuniting Tornado strewn belongings with their owners