Support for Immigration Reform

While president Obama urges the House to pass immigration reform, supporters continue to organize around the topic.


  1. The government shutdown did not manage to end the conversation on immigration reform, and this week President Obama, has once again made a call to the House to pass a reform before the end of the year. In July 2013, the Executive Office of the President released a report titled "The Economic Benefits of Fixing Our Broken Immigration System," which claimed that if passed, the bill would strengthen the overall economy and decrease budget deficits, amongst other things. The president is only one of many reform supports who have intensified their efforts to pressure the House into passing an immigration reform. Pro-reform organization, has also continued its efforts.

  2. Obama has not only made a call to the House to move on the reform, he has also encouraged the public to petition.
  3. The President is not the only one to encourage petitions and support in favor of the reform. has continued its efforts through social media campaigns, events, and their upcoming Hackathon.