Demo 2012 - NUS protest

TNS brings you a carefully selected collection of tweets, facebook updates, images, articles and media from today’s NUS protest, supported by the NUS. Get in contact via @NationalStudent


  1. And that was #demo2012 ! #london #tuitionfees #university #students #riots
    And that was #demo2012 ! #london #tuitionfees #university #students #riots
  2. Despite this last charge of aggression, violence seems no where near as bad as the 2010 attack on Conservative Party offices in Mill bank.
  3. It is reported that both Liam Burns and Sunny Hundal were egged by furious protesters mid speeches.
  4. The rally, to mark the end of the march, is now under way at Kennington Park with speakers from the NUT and Unison among those to address the crowds.
  5. BBC Reporter Rebecca Radcliffe: "The rain is torrential and many feel they are walking in the wrong direction. "Why are we marching all the way to Kennington? We should be taking our protest to parliament where the decisions are made - not pissing off posh south Londoners." a recent Birkbeck graduate told me.
  6. More reporters of ebbing enthusiasm and rage at the police approved route
  7. But still no word from PM or London Mayor
  8. Twitter Flickers of government support from Labour MP John McDonnell
  9. Comedienne and Arts Defendant Josie Long has arrived at the rally in Kennington Park to perform for protesers @artsemergency