STEM AmeriCorps Expands Education Effort

During the 2014 White House Science Fair, President Obama announced a major expansion of STEM AmeriCorps. A summer program will place 256 AmeriCorps VISTAs in six states to serve 18,000 at-risk students while another partnership with US2020 and Citizen Schools will place 25 VISTAs in seven cities.

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  1. Some background on why STEM education matters from our archives ...
  2. You will hear the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) a lot whenever the discussion turns to improving education in the United States, and there is a good reason. Those disciplines are the cornerstones of the jobs that will keep America competitive in the near and distant future, and we have to get our students ready for that future now.
  3. The big event took place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where President Obama met with several bright young scientists who demonstrated their projects.
  4. We also want to talk to one of the young scientists at the event ...
  5. The big news for us from the science fair was the announcement of an expansion of the STEM AmeriCorps program
  6. A new summer program will place 256 AmeriCorps VISTA members in six Southern states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and West Virginia. These AmeriCorps members, serving through community groups, educational institutions, and corporate sponsors, will connect approximately 18,000 at-risk students in low-performing schools to STEM opportunities.
  7. CNCS also announced a new partnership with US2020 and Citizen Schools, committing 25 AmeriCorps VISTA members to support US2020’s goal of mobilizing 1 million STEM mentors by the year 2020.  Fifteen AmeriCorps VISTA members will serve in seven cities – Allentown, PA; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Research Triangle Park, NC; Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA; and Wichita, KS – while 10 will support efforts nationwide.
  8. The following is a video of the President's remarks after touring the exhibits: