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"The Hindu" does it again, links culprit's surnames to rape crimes.

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  1. It is only recently that The Hindu featured an Op-Ed which blamed Swami Vivekananda "Masculine" pose for Rape Crimes....
  2. After Protests by various twitterati like Mr @ranganaathan , The Hindu Editor Mr Varadarajan Apologised for it.
  3. Now again they drag caste surnames to rape crimes, Why is The Hindu allowing such frivolous articles.?
  4. Read this passage from the said article "In the case of Muslim and Dalit women, the rate of conviction is almost nil. Three Dalit women are raped daily in some part of our country. When Bhanwari Devi was raped in a Rajasthan village, the judge asked, “How can a Dalit woman be raped?” Most women say they wouldn’t even think of telling the police about an attack for fear the cops would ignore them or worse blame them and abuse them.

    This culture of impunity certainly emboldened Ram Singh but the more important question is, what motivated him? It is no coincidence that the family names of the rapists are Singh, Sharma, Gupta and Thakur - all upper caste men whose sense of traditional entitlement based on their caste may have been challenged in the big city of Delhi. Were Ram Singh and his rape cohort simply claiming masculinity as promoted by their role models in politics, business and the media?"

  5. They link Caste surnames to rape crimes, but did The Hindu tell you about the name of the Juvenile who may probably escape serious punishment. No !! That Is THE Hindu For you !!!!