Tweets--Morning After the Election

Springfield, Mo.


  1. Tweets from columnists on each side of the aisle set the tone of Twitter conversations. Dave Weigel, a Slate blogger, and Ann Coulter, a conservative columnist, had this to say:
  2. Many Americans felt that it was time to move forward, regardless of the election results. Many people encouraged others to pray for anyone in office.
  3. President Obama and other Democrats tweeted victoriously. The most retweeted picture of the election was of Barack and Michelle Obama hugging.
  4. Claire McCaskill indicated she was pleased with her election results statewide, especially outside urban areas.
  5. And of course, there were the jokers.
  6. One interesting result of the election was that Puerto Rico voted to become a state. Now it will be up to the federal government to decide whether to admit a 51st state to the Union.
  7. The Twitter-verse was even abuzz with conversations about reelected congresspeople.