Back of the Dragon. #TilleyRentsHarleys

Weekends are made for Bonding, Backroads and Twisties.


  1. It's been awhile since me, my Dad, and Brother have taken two wheels to do a little bonding over greasy spoon diners, backroads and twisties.
  2. Every Fall is a rally cry for the beautiful colors the season and our Appalachian region has to offer; NC, SC, VA, TN. It is breathtaking for sure. And a whole lotta fun!

  3. Pops and Bro said, go get a bike" we're hittin the #BackOfTheDragon . H/T to @tilleysalisbury #TilleyRentsHarleys #KickstandsUp #BackroadZen
    Pops and Bro said, go get a bike" we're hittin the #BackOfTheDragon . H/T to @tilleysalisbury #TilleyRentsHarleys #KickstandsUp #BackroadZen
  4. I sold my metric 2000 Yamaha VStar 1100 Classic a few years back, so I reached out to Tilley Harley Davidson Salisbury. Their online rental inventory had some avails for our weekend trip. Much to my surprise, they had a 2016 Road Glide Special in stock and it was in my color ; ) BLACK.
  5. The customer service at Tilley Harley Davidson Salisbury was amazing - like I was part of the family the minute I walked in the door. Kristy gave me a tour of the facility, showed me how they "get things done" from parts, service, all the great apparel and merchandise, the pretty new models and of course the rentals.
  6. Planning meeting for the weekend.  @Tilley_HD
    Planning meeting for the weekend. @Tilley_HD #TilleyHDSalisbury #TilleyRentsHarleys #BackOfTheDragon #BackroadZen
  7. Among motorcyclists and sport car enthusiasts, most references to the "Dragon" immediately mean the "Tail of the Dragon" 11-mile stretch of Deals Gap, North Carolina at the Tennessee border said to have 318 curves. Been there done about 4 times. It's gotten so popular that it's too crowded. You have to go on a weekday to enjoy.
  8. An area that's getting attention in the other direction in Southwest Virginia - dubbed "The Back of the Dragon". It boasts 32 miles of elevation changes, curves and spectacular views. From Marion, head north on Route 16.
  9. Evening of packin and prepping for the weekend excursion. #TilleyRentsHarleys #BackOfTheDragon #BackroadZen #harleydavidson #motorcycles @tilleysalisbury
  10. I don't mind a little chill, but I was honestly concerned about being too cold. 58 degree mornings means about 35-40 degrees with the cold wind blowing through your outer layers. Fortunately, the weather cooperated - NO rain at all, and we had peak highs around 78. Found ourselves peeling some layers off.
  11. Back Of The Dragon. Day 1 Update.
  12. We left out Friday morning on the 14th of October with the goal of no highways or interstates. Just backroads. That took us from Mint Hill, Mount Pleasant, Salisbury, Mocksville, Harmony, Sparta, Mouth of Wilson, into Marion. Great ride up with many picturesque "Oh Wow!" settings. Even narrowly dodged a big doe...a deer...a female deer, in Alleghany County. She decided the 100 feet or so between my brother Dain and me was plenty of room to dart across. I said some words. Most were expletives - out of surprise.
  13. Bro's 2007 VTX 1300, Dad's 
2011 Suzuki GSX 1250FA, and my 2016 Harley Road Glide Special on loan from @tilleysalisbury  #TilleyHDSalisbury
    Bro's 2007 VTX 1300, Dad's 2011 Suzuki GSX 1250FA, and my 2016 Harley Road Glide Special on loan from @tilleysalisbury #TilleyHDSalisbury #TilleyRentsHarleys #BackOfTheDragon #BackroadZen
  14. Saturday morning on the 15th we set off to conquer the riches of the hills. Marion is pretty much the hub of the spine on the Dragon where everyone starts off and finishes. Smallville USA. Reminds me a little of downtown Boone without the college vibe or population. Trump signs were everywhere. First though, before we saddled up I had to give a shoutout to my youngest son Jonathan who's off at school. It was his birthday.
  15. Perfect day in the Virginia hills! #TilleyHDSalisbury #TilleyRentsHarleys #BackOfTheDragon #BackroadZen @tilleysalisbury
  16. Again, the weather couldn't have been any better. Just amazing. Not too cool in the morning, and as the sun revealed itself more and more, we heated up. We came around a beautiful stretch called North Fork. As we passed a red roofed barn, Dain piped in on the SENA intercom system that we should set up a "drive by" shot. We pulled over at a beautifully manicured home on a hill with a paved driveway. The owner out in the yard at first seemed less than thrilled. My guess is he's at that place on the road where everyone wants to turnaround. That's what you get for having a nice paved driveway in the middle of nowhere. He had "intention" in his gate as he marched towards down across his lot. We engaged conversation. Told him we just wanted to stage a shot with our little tripod to catch up riding around the bend. Not to worry. He even gave us further directions for some nice turns.
  17. Morning pit stop on a dirt in Tannersville. #TilleyHDSalisbury
    Morning pit stop on a dirt in Tannersville. #TilleyHDSalisbury #TilleyRentsHarleys #BackOfTheDragon #BackroadZen
  18. Dad's friend and backroad maestro Joe said we should try out a few roads he knew of on the Dragon. One of those lead us to a dirt and gravel stretch in Tannersville. It woke us up. Tested our bikes, their shocks, and skill a bit. Decided to take a break and breathe in the views...and let the dust settle.
  19. Vibrant colors and flowing country roads in Pounding Mill. #TilleyHDSalisbury #TilleyRentsHarleys #BackOfTheDragon #BackroadZen @tilleysalisbury
  20. Once we got off the dirt road and back on pavement, the sky and roads opened up to miles and miles of colorful farmland in Pounding Mill. I put the 2016 Road Glide Special on cruise control and snagged a clip of my view.
  21. We stayed at the Comfort Inn just off the interstate. The guy at the front desk said The Wood Pickle was the place to go for a bite to eat. It didn't disappoint. Great meal to finish up the day's four hour ride.