Monsanto Supreme Court Case Stirs Social Commentary

A seed-patent case involving an Indiana soybean farmer is attracting plenty of interest online.

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  1. The seed-patent case Bowman v. Monsanto is drawing plenty of commentary from people on social media. The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in Washington, D.C. The following are sampled from the latest news articles as well as reaction on Twitter and Facebook . Share your thoughts on the case by posting a comment to this article. 
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  4. Facebook Commentary: A "'Greenie' Attack"?
  5. Sounds like a good deal to me. I think the whole uproar against GMO seeds and crops is a liberal "greenie" attack against a successful corporation -- Monsanto. Tempest in a teapot.
  6. Supreme Court sympathizes with Monsanto in seed patent case — of course...