Blogging & Concierge: Your Guide To The Los Angeles Dining Scene:

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  5. Foodie Follies DVD and Playlist Promo:

    Are you planning to spend hundreds of dollars in LA restaurants anytime soon?

    Then get your insurance policy against a bad Restaurant experience…

    Some say the restaurants are pretentious here. And overpriced. And their “great” California cuisine just doesn’t make it.

    In LA, the restaurant experience is changing all the time--- like most places. But the restaurant guides don’t keep up with these changes. And they are paid to give good reviews, the truth be told.

    I am a passionate Independent French concierge and foodie in LA. I spend 20 years of my life as a professional chef and restaurant manager around the globe, and I want to insure that you get the best for your restaurant time and money.

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  6. Cleo & The Library Bar --Restaurant/Hotel/Bar in Hollywood
  7. The Bazaar: Restaurant at The SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills
  8. Hotel Bel Air Restaurant: Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air
  9. The Belvedere Restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills
  10. Loewes Hotel Santa Monica The Loews Hotel: Santa Monica The Loews Hotel Loews
  11. Top Lucques Restaurant Melrose in West Hollywood
  12. Top Ago Restaurant West Hollywood: Ago Melrose
  13. Top The French Laundry Restaurant Cookbook: Laundry The French Laundry The French Laundry Restaurant
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  15. Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles (Italian)
  16. Cicada Restaurant and Club: Los Angeles Downtown LA (Dinner/Music/Dancing)
  17. The Little Door Restaurant in West Hollywood (Moroccan French/Romantic)
  18. Fig And Olive Restaurant: Melrose Place West Hollywood (South Of France Cuisine)
  19. Osteria Mozza: Restaurant Mozza Osteria Los Angeles (Italian)
  20. WP24 at The Ritz Carlton Residences in LA Live Downtown
  21. Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood (Sushi/American)
  22. The Little Next Door Restaurant in West Hollywood (French Brasserie/Patio)
  23. Taste on Melrose in West Hollywood (Italian)
  24. The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles (Happy-Hour/Night Hangout Place/Music)
  25. The Sidewalk Cafe in Venice Beach California (Afternoon Drinks/Light Menu/People Watching)