Tropical Storm Irene: One Year Later

A look back at the damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene in Northern Berkshire and the surrounding areas through videos created by the North Adams Transcript and the general public.

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  1. On Aug. 28, Tropical Storm Irene arrived in the Northern Berkshires, causing widespread flooding, the closing of a section of Route 2 and evacuations that left no community in the area untouched. In her wake, Irene left millions of dollars of road repairs and destroyed a mobile park community in Williamstown.
  2. A collection of videos from around the web documenting Tropical Storm Irene in North Adams:
  3. Hurricane Irene, North Adams, MA, Hoosic River flood chutes
  4. Beaver Street in North Adams, Massachusetts Day after Hurricane Irene
  5. Joyce Colegrove Woffenden.rv
  6. Irene Goodnight, North Adams MA, Natural Bridge NA
  7. Hurricane Irene: Flooding in North Adams, MA
  8. Beaver Street in North Adams, Massachusetts Day after Hurricane Irene
  9. Canoe launch/Ashton st E side
  10. hurricane irene north adams ma. Hoosic River flood
  11. Hudson Brook Waterfall After Tropical Storm Irene -- North Adams, MA
  12. North Adams, Massachusetts and the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene
  13. Lake Phelps -- North Adams MA and Storm Irene
  14. The Effects of Hurricane Irene on North Adams, MA
  15. Video from Route 2 (Mohawk Trail) from Florida to Charlemont
  16. Hurricane Irene 2011 - Charlemont, MA Mud slide on Route 2
  18. hurricane irene damage on route 2